Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A windy walk in the Lincolnshire Wolds

Hello. I've had a smashing day out with my walking buddies, Paul and Paul. It was my turn to drive,  pick the route, and lead the walk, and I chose a ten mile walk starting at Nettleton near Caistor in the Lincolnshire Wolds. I have done this one before, and wanted to make a return visit to the Old Rectory at Claxby. 
Just as we were getting ready this morning it all went black and the rain was blowing sideways. It didn't look too promising so I texted Paul, and rang the other Paul, should we give it a go or would it be best to abandon the idea. We decided to go for it. We parked at Nettleton at about 10.50am and set off down the Viking Way. The path passes a farm gate and this notice caught our eye, and gave us a chuckle.  
The path follows Nettleton Beck for a mile or two, It goes past the old chalk quarry, and crosses a wide track. Several 4x4 vehicles were parked there, and men with guns and dogs were setting off to go and blast some poor defenceless pheasants out of the sky. The beaters were behind the trees down there, where we have just walked past.

We arrived in Normanby le Wold to find the church door unlocked so we could sit inside and eat our lunch. It was a bit too gloomy for me, and I found a bench against the wall in the sunshine. It was nice and sheltered from the wind.

It was a short walk to Claxby, and we made straight for the church where the Old Rectory is behind it. And here it is. If you have been reading my blog for a long time, you will remember I did a post about this building, it was abandoned left to be swallowed up by the creeping ivy and overgrown bushes. I am sad to say, it is still in the same condition, one year and five months later. Such a beautiful building, such a shame. 

If you want to read the post from the 12th of August 2013, it's here. You will see that someone who was a gardener there a long time ago read it and put a comment on it. It really does need someone to come along and look after it. 
We headed north out of Claxby on Pelham Road, and took a path along the bottom of the hill back to Nettleton, joining the main A46 for the last half mile. Mostly it was along the edges of fields, which were very muddy in places. Paul, the one on the left, likes to go wading straight through the mud whereas I like to try and skirt round it a bit. When you put your foot down you don't know how far you are going to sink into it. 

We were well wrapped up against the wind, and got back to the car at 3.50pm. An exhilarating ten mile walk, I shall sleep well tonight.

Thank you for visiting my world, and thank you for your comments. Catch you tomorrow.
Toodle pip.


  1. Your walks always look and sound interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It must have been exhilarating - it;s so blowy today here. I'm not far from the start of your walk and I've been happy to be indoors as much as I could. You certainly deserve to look as good and fit as you do!

  3. Great pics Ilona, it is a shame that lovely house is empty

  4. Wow 10 miles!! I am impressed! Makes my little 3 miler today seem so short. Lol

  5. I remember the abandoned house..still no takers? Such a shame.
    Jane x

  6. I loved every step! :) So sad to see that beautiful place in a rundown condition...sure hope some lucky soul comes along and gives it some love. I could live there. Thanks for letting us tag along.

  7. You've reminded me of my new year resolution to get walking!

  8. This is very strange, but some one appears to be listing this place as their business address!

    1. Hi FW. Thanks for that, I found the site when I wrote the first article. The man who owned the Rectory was a business man who worked from home, hence the name is registered there. I have rung the telephone number but it has been re allocated to a private house in the area. The trouble with these business directory sites is that they are keen to get businesses registered with them to, but not so keen to delete them when they close down or move on.

  9. Thanks for the lovely walking tour...The house and garden both need some TLC. Is it for sale?

  10. I live in the jealous of your wonderful places to walk. That home is so lovely..what I wouldn't give to live there and care for it.

  11. OH look at your rosy cheeks and grin! So nice to see the two Pauls and you out and enjoying the beautiful countryside.Holey moley,ten miles is quite an achievement.The reason for the old rectory's state is very sad,and old beauties decaying such a waste.Do you have ticks in the fields over there?Was wondering because you wear shorts on your hikes sometimes?Have a good one, D.

  12. Great walk to blow the cobwebs away, ha ha although no cobwebs on you Ilona:) I remember your previous post on the Old Rectory, how sad to still see it empty and unloved:( I truly hope one day someone will loving restore this beautiful house♥

  13. I did a delivery to Claxby this time last year to an equestrian centre down a single track lane opposite the village. It was a nice sunny day too.


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