Saturday, 8 April 2017

Skidby - Beverley - circular walk

Hello. I hope you have all had a lovely day in the sunshine, because I have. Hasn't the weather been glorious, I saw lots of people out with their families, kids, and dogs. I packed a sandwich, a banana, a yogurt, some grapes, and a drink into my small rucksack and went over the bridge to a small village called Skidby. Not the first time I have been here, there is a report elsewhere on the blog about a walk I did in the area. Found it, on the 19th of March 2013, blimey is it four years since I was last here. 
Anyway, back to today. Some monkey business going on here. I don't remember seeing him before. 
I joined the Oldgate track which is part of the Beverley 20 circular walk. The hedgerows were full of beautiful hawthorn blossom. I went past Folly Wood, and did a right along Dunflat road, crossed over the A164, that was a nightmare, took ages, no one would slow down and let me cross for ages. How inconsiderate. I went up Jillywood Lane, turned left then past Poplar Farm, and crossed over the A1079. That was easy, there was a bridge. I carried on along the track past Model Farm and Old Hall. Then I was flumoxed. Someone has only gone and built a road, a fast busy road, and it wasn't on the map.

The track that I wanted to take wasn't there, obliterated or moved because of the road. I decided to stay on a tarmac road instead, at least it was heading in the right direction. I could see Beverley Minster so I basically had to head towards that. I stopped a nice young cyclist and asked him about the new road. He said it had been opened a year ago, spose I had better buy a new map then if I am going to walk in this area again.

The tarmac path went around the perimeter of a housing estate, I think it must be popular with dog walkers because I saw several piles of poo with a flag stuck in them. Very strange, I've never seen this before. I could do with some of those flags, we have people who don't pick up. Wonder where I can get them from.

Beautiful Beverley Minster, against a clear blue sky.

 A little bimble around the inside. In April 2012 I was here before. On that post I put photo's of some textile artworks which were on display, they are still there. If you want to see the pics they are here. It was the last day of a long walk.

On my way again. I went along Keldgate Road through Westwood, which is a large green area that people use for recreational activities. Once over the A1079 I did a left turn down a track heading back in the same direction as I had come, down Moor Lane towards Folly Wood. I never get fed up of country rambles, beautiful. 
 Oh dear, some repairs needed.

Back in Skidby, I sat on the bench for ten minutes and finished my sandwich. What a fabulous tree. There is a lot of blossom out at this time of year, pity it falls off so quickly.

All in all, a good days walking, It was hot and I wore a skirt. Everyone was out enjoying the sun. Total walked as checked on was 11 miles.

Now to relax. I'm having trouble getting Mayze in, no point in chasing her around the garden, I have to wait until she wants to come in by herself. I pretend to shut her out, then when she hears the back door opening she comes running. Little madam.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Sounds a lovely walk, afraid I had some hard work to do in the garden, but tomorrow I intend to have some me time. Hawthorn blossom isn't out here in the Midlands yet, but the hedgerows are full of white wild damson blossom. The cherry and pear trees are in flower too. Mayze has obviously enjoyed the sunshine too, my two certainly have. She was clearly making the most of the pleasant evening too. Jean.

  2. Beautiful photos, all except for the first, a bit weird to me, and the third, what a pain!
    The church is lovely.
    I love the tree, and bench how pretty.
    The stain glass is magnificent!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. It's been a lovely day here too.I can't sleep now as neighbour playing ganster rap.I live in a semi.-A while ago someone in the village was putting yellow flags on dog poo.Then there was a complaint saying the flags could cause you to trip.Soon after there was fluorescent pink paint sprayed around it. Made me smile about Mayze-my little Teddy bear runs around the garden,and just as I almost catch him he runs off again ,it can go on and on ,he thinks it's great fun .When it's dark it's not so great fun for me.Bless him x

  4. The woodland path was beautiful, like walking through a cloud.

  5. glorious day and you got some lovely photos. like you I still have old maps and you do get surprises sometimes

  6. Beautiful photos, Ilona...Mayze has the right idea enjoying the weather. Her appetite will get her in soon enough. Enjoy your Sunday.

  7. Sounds lovely, and such gorgeous photos. I spent the day gardening but am off work for a week so hoping to get some walking in. I think flags in dog poop is a better idea than the spray paint I sometimes see round here. The flag can be removed with the poop, the paint can't. As a responsible dog owner who always cleans up it infuriates me that so many people don't.
    Looking forward to your next walk.

  8. Beautiful walk Ilona. I can not wait until I can get out on my own again after my op it won't be long. It was lovely sitting in the garden thou, I did do a little light gardening and some crocheting.
    Enjoy the day.
    Hazel c uk

  9. Lovely photos. Natalie

  10. Having only found your page a couple of years ago, I went back and read some of your previous posts. However, it was your mention of the textile artwork that took me back to as far as 2012 where I discovered PUDDYTAT ! Please do tell me, how did you come by him, do you still have him, and does he still travel with you at times? He's so cute. Jean.

    1. Hi. Yes I still have puddytat. He is in my car and comes everywhere with me. I found him at a car boot sale, in a bag of other small stuffed items.

    I am thinking of printing some of these to use around local dog walking sites.

  12. Lovely photos but I think the hawthorn blossom is actually blackthorn as the blossom comes out before the leaves whilst hawthorn is the other way round and won't be out until May. You should have a lovely crop of sloes there later in the year, great for making a vitamin C rich cordial along with blackberries, if you don't fancy sloe gin.


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