Thursday, 20 June 2019

They say I'm a dreamer

My goodness, I've come over all emotional, I have to post this. The human race is on the road to self destruction and it can only get worse. Why the hell can politicians not see this. Why the hell are they at each others throats, bickering, fighting among themselves, fighting each other. I would like to bang their heads together. I would like to see them get together and sing this song for real.

That's all.  ilona


  1. Totally understand. We are having the same issues across the pond. ana USA

  2. If I had your permission and knew how I'd post this on my Facebook page! I agree with you. Best ever, Ilona! Shirley PNW USA

    1. I found this on a friends Facebook page, you don't need my permission. If you click on the youtube logo bottom right to watch on youtube, you can get the link from there. Either embed like I have done, copy and paste, or just copy the link which will lead the recipient to it.

      I think this video is very clever. In this case I think it's a shame that the virtual world does not mirror the real one.

  3. I feel the same way!

  4. Half of them don't belong in the screen with the other half!

  5. Revelation chapter 11 verse 18.

  6. This goes much, much deeper than most people realize. It's been going on for many years.
    Check out: Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

  7. Totally agree with you ILONA we need to make this world a better place more love for human beings and especially poor animals. Its time things were really sorted out and a time for more PEACE LOVE AND COMPASSION. Amy and Benny send their love and me.xxxxx

  8. Historically speaking we are living in a Dark Age. The "underdog" has always been treated this way so the rich can get richer and the poor get poorer. I watch David Ickes videos and he describes what is going on in this crazy world. Most people think him crazy. He has been banned from entering Australia to do a tour, people know what he is saying is telling people what is really going on. There is very little we as individuals can do but keep being kind to people and dogs. best wishes Sophia. North Wales.


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