Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Wall hanging tapestry video

 I was awake at 5 this morning so I got up, had a coffee and a bowl of cereals, and went for my walk around the village. It was lovely and quiet, the air was fresh, and the birds twittered.

I made a video about my latest tapestry wall hanging. The yoootooob subscribers have been waiting for this, it's been a while since I showed it in it's early stages. So it's all done and dusted now, and I have moved on to the next project.

I apologise for the background noise. The camera has picked up the sound of the fan on the new computer. I am going to have to make the videos while the computer is off in future. I must say though the upload was a lot quicker than the old computers.

I have already posted photo's of this so you might not want to watch the video, it's up to you.

Thank you to the readers who had a look at Erika's yellow sticker video. She was chuffed and I was chuffed. I'm going to find some more of hers later.

The library van is here, so I'm off to see Stan for a chat, and change my books.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. I know exactly what you mean about sometimes getting fed up with a piece of work, it often happens to me and sometimes it goes in the bin or sits in the cupboard for ages. My willow tree was like this, it was in the cupboard for ages and then I had an idea for it and out it came. I love this wall hanging and can appreciate the work that went into it.

  2. I have been down Brighton for the last few days so I am just catching up with your blogs.I have just watched your video and Erikas too.I think your wall hanging looks great as it is!.I wish that I had got the patience to do things like that but I know that I would get half way through and it would never get finished...a bit like my summer school dress that I started making when I was about 13 and its still not completed...Im 64 now,lol.Ive also watched a few of Erikas videos this morning and enjoyed them so thanks for telling us about her!.I will be going back to her later on and watching a few more.As I mentioned,Ive been down Brighton and was down the beach for 6.30 in the morning to see watch treasures the sea had washed up!I got a few pieces of driftwood,a couple of interesting stones and a few shells,so Im going to see what I can make out of them later.I also saw a poor seagull,eating bits of a plastic bag that had been left behind by some mindless person with bits of food in it.What is wrong with some people???.I clapped my hands to shoo the bird away from it,grabbed the bag and then gave him my sandwich that I had taken with me!.In the hour that I was there,I filled that bag with bits of plastic and a broken beer bottle that idiots had left behind...We were lucky that the sun was shining for us while we were there,but now its back to dull rainy days here in Leicester.So it will give me chance to clear out my overflowing wardrobe and sort some more bits out for the animal charity shop!,xx


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