Tuesday, 13 August 2019

At the end of the day

It was still light when I started my walk tonight. I went outside the village for a change. 

The sun is going down on my right.

And the moon is coming up on my left. Looks like a big one tonight. 

 Zooming in, it's glowing orange. Magic.

There are severe weather warnings being issued, but we have had very little rain. We had two days of wind and that's calmed down now. I've been in the garden today taking the tops off the conifers at the bottom of the garden. It's a bit easier to do now that I have got a taller step ladder. It's a big job so I only do about an hour at a time. Usually spread it over several days. 
I put some pictures of my new weaving on the Textile Art site and it's had 276 'likes' so far, and lots of nice comments. I'm a bit chuffed. Off to bed now. Goodnight and Toodle pip.  Ilona  


  1. Here I was on the other side of the world . . . Looking up at that same golden moon.

  2. Oh I love the light and the bales of hay in photo #1.

  3. I love being outside as the day is coming to an end also going out first thing in the morning when it is quiet.
    When I was out yesterday I heard some people saying they heard something about mini tornados going to happen in this country, whether
    true or not I don't know.

  4. Beautiful photos Ilona. We still have the wind here and it's raining, Well done on making a start on your trees. Congratulations on your post on the weaving.
    Hazel c uk

  5. wow, fantastic views! you are one lucky person to live so near to fields like that!

  6. Beautiful photos. We had a lot of heavy rain since the weekend here in Dublin and other parts of Ireland. Showers on and off when they come down heavy at times. Tenoetures are between 16 19 c here. I wud love some sun again x


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