Friday, 30 August 2019

How to have a Brilliant Life, by Michael Heppell. Book review

The title of this book caught my eye on the library shelf. Had to borrow it, didn't I. I have skim read it, and now re visiting the sections which interest me most. It's a reference book which can be picked up at any time to refresh the memory, and oh how I need plenty of refreshing, ha ha.

Michael Heppell is one of the top professional speakers in the world, a best selling author, and an extraordinary trainer who works with big companies, sports professionals and high performing people who want to have a brilliant life. That's what the blurb says inside the front cover.

A lot of what he says is what I have touched on here in the past. There are chapters on Money, Health, Relationships, Career, and Personal Development. There are charts to fill in, questions to answer about where you are now, and solutions on getting to where you want to be.

A brilliant life doesn't happen by chance, it is something you have to work at. If you sit around waiting for something to happen, the chances are that it never will. This book is a recipe if you like, it gets you thinking about what your next move might be, how to make the changes that are needed to take your life forward to the next level. Achieving a brilliant life will be the ultimate goal.

A few tips I have picked out, and agree with.
Don't live in the past, learn from it but don't dwell on it.
Don't leave it to chance. Have a strategy and write it down.
Do build passion. The more passionate you are about your vision the more energy you will find to put into it.
Do believe in yourself, self doubt will hold you back.
Don't quit.

My life has had it's ups and downs, but I have always managed to drag myself back up again. I am not down for long. I sometimes wish that I hadn't got into some of the crappy situations that I did, but there is no way to turn the clock back. I only look forward with optimism now, knowing that the mistakes I made are in the past, and my life is going to be more brilliant each day I am lucky enough to be alive.

One quote in the book did make me laugh. In the chapter about creating the saving mindset, number 14 says use your library. But still buy my books. Ha ha, no I won't be doing that.

Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. I searched for it at my library but all they have is an e-book version - and I don't do that. However, I suspect you could probably teach him a thing or two! :-)

  2. It sounds like a good book.He is so right when he says dont live in the past.I have done this over the years and got knotted up over things that have happened to me.Even things from over 50 years ago!.Like he says,dont dwell on them and learn from them.It sounds daft,but I made a list on a piece of paper of all the things I wanted out of my brain space.Then I set fire to it and put the ashes in the dustbin.The one thing I was happy to put into landfill in stead of brain fill.It gave me the chance to get rid of the negatives and more room for the positives in life.It worked for me!.Hope that your all having a lovely weekend!,xx

  3. This post helped me this morning. Thank you for all your efforts you put into your blog. Sharon


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