Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Spotlight on Ian Kirkpatrick - artist

There is a very colourful exhibition on at the moment, at 20 21 Arts centre. I popped in to have a look. It's big and bold. Ian Kirkpatrick is the artist, here is a link to his web site. 

Here is a bit of blurb taken from this web site.

Ian is a Canadian contemporary artist currently based in Leeds, UK. His work is inspired by the history of art and design, from ancient cave paintings and Greek amphorae, to graffiti and computer graphics. The hieroglyphic surfaces of his 2D and sculptural pieces remix iconographies from past and present cultures, often in response to current political and social themes. He creates most of his work digitally, then manufactures it out of industrial materials including stainless steel, vinyl, corrugated cardboard, Perspex and Dibond.

It's rather a lot to take in on one visit. The exhibition is on until October, so I'll go again.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Interesting art.Ive just looked through his web site and I always try and have an open mind on these sort of displays.Its not really the sort of thing that I would like in my living room,lol..but I can see that a lot of hard work and imagination has gone into creating his work.I do love all the colours!..Oh,Im starting to think Im an expert on these things,lol.....Of thread again,I know,lol,but I had to smile at something I read this morning on a blog.It said that when we get out of our chair,go up stairs and havent got a clue what we have gone up for,It isnt old age,its just natures way of giving us a bit of exercise!.Have a lovely day everyone!xx

  2. Love the dog! Very clever.


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