Thursday, 8 August 2019

Scrummy breakfast

Today must eat strawberries. Nuts and seeds and cereals, topped with big luscious British strawberries from Staffordshire. So so sweet. Second portion later.



  1. Your breakfast looks delicious. The strawberries have been lovely this year.
    Hazel c uk

  2. Those strawberries do look good, most of the strawberries in the supermarket have no taste.

  3. Did you know - it takes the body more calories to digest a strawberry tha n is in the strawberry itself! That is of course if you don't pour cream over them (ow hick!)

  4. My Daughter got me 3 boxes of strawberries for £1 and three trays of blueberries for a £1 from Leicester market yesterday.So my breakfast today will look very much like yours Ilona!.I think Im going to have porridge with it...It is heavy rain here in Leicester today and I have got to sit outside in it.....reason being, yesterday morning I noticed a small blackbird going into my decking with worms in its mouth.After half hour a small chick came out,jumping around the garden,not old enough to fly.My 5 cats noticed it as you can see the problem I had.I cornered off the garden with some old caging and gently placed it there,so its mother could see it.She spent the day coming back and forth bringing it worms and berries.Its too young to feed its self.It attempts to fly,but cant get any further than about a foot high.I sat out side all day keeping my eye on it,shooing the cats away as they kept wanting to get near it.As darkness started to fall,I had to decide what to do.If my cats didnt get it others living near by would.So I made a makeshift cage up in the spare room,left the window wide open so its mam could still hear it,knowing that it would be safe in there.So this morning,I have got to start again,sitting outside with it,make it some shelter,but still leave access for its mam to feed it.I think its mam knows Im keeping it safe because she comes to feed it as I am sitting near it.So my day today will be spent,wet through trying to help a little bird.I will let you know how it gets on!,xx

  5. You are Saint Debi of Leicsisi xx


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