Tuesday, 6 August 2019

It's all very crafty here

I've left this a bit late, hope I don't fall asleep on the keyboard. A bit more progress on the weaving. these are random colours, I like contrast. I was struggling to get a neat edge on the dark red against the pink and blue. I thought the usual way would be to start at the bottom and work up as I did before but it looked messy. I unpicked it and started with a straight across line at the top, and worked my way down to the bottom. That looked better as it was a lot easier to join the two colours. I did the same with the pink to join it to the yellow.  
A friend has given me a bag of old buttons, I suppose you would call them vintage. I'm not sure what I will do with them, something will come to mind eventually.

The bin bags under my table are full of fabric. I shall deliver them to the Scrapstore tomorrow. I think they will be chuffed. I have been told there will be some more fabric to come when the family have been able to sort through some more of the house. The old lady who lived there had collected tons of fabric. Although she was into crafts, she was never going to use all of it.

That's all. Time for bed. Toodle pip. ilona


  1. My daughter made a picture for me a while ago using buttons.On a canvas she painted a tree with many branches and glued buttons on for leaves,very effective.Give it a go!A challenge for you and you love a challenge.Barbarax

  2. Love the buttons. Mom used to let me play with her button box .. I didn't need other toys. When she passed away .. the family turned over her buttons to me. Best thing ever!

  3. There are some who make jewelry using buttons...especially vintage buttons. Aloha

  4. Your weaving is looking good, it's always a problem with the edges when you first start. I love the buttons, I am a horder of old buttons, I love their look and the feel, trying to think how they were uses before ending up in a collection. My mum alway cut off button and zips before getting rid of clothes. She would unravel hand knitted jumpers and reuse the yarn to make jumpers for her children.

  5. Your weaving is looking good. I love old buttons but my daughter can be sick physically after seeing buttons. Look forward to what you make of them.
    Hazel c uk

  6. lovely bunch of finds....
    re the buttons..expect you likely know this, but some old buttons can be quite valuable...Apparently there is whole bunches of folks who collect buttons, and sometimes they can be Ivory, or other valuable bits. Saw this on Antique road show while back.


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