Saturday, 24 August 2019

Way down upon the swaneeee River Trent .....

Dear oh dear, not feeling so good today. Coughing and sneezing, must have picked up some germs somewhere. Today is going to be an easy day. I've got these pictures from the walk I did on Tuesday. I left the hotel after breakfast with my new OS map, and some snacks. 
The Trent and Mersey canal goes through Burton, so I made my way to the Shobnall Marina, (check out web site), where the canal crosses Shobnall Street. It was a lovely sunny morning with a slight breeze. As I stopped to take some photo's I chatted to the man who lives in that bungalow over there. It all looked very immaculately tidy. Lots of pot plants about. I think some of these boats have permanent moorings, they had their own little pot plant gardens. I'm not sure that I would like to live that close to my neighbours, with just a wooden walkway between. 

Out of the side gate and onto the canal, heading towards Lichfield. I won't be going that far, but the canal makes a nice start to a day walk.

I waited a few minutes for this boat to come out of the lock on the other side of the bridge. Makes a nice picture.

The canal runs adjacent to the A38 trunk road, so you are never very far away from the traffic noise. In some parts there are factories and warehouses on both sides, adding to the noise with their shunting lorries and fork lift trucks. 
Passing Branston I met a lady out for a walk with her dog, which immediately jumped up to greet me. She apologised but I said no matter, I love happy dogs. It's surprising how much conversation you can have with someone in ten minutes. I immediately warmed to her, being very similar to me in her outlook on life. She would be the sort of friend I would have if I lived here. 
I carried on, the canal comes very close to the A38 as it approaches Barton under Needwood. Here I had to cross over at Barton Turn to the other side via a small bridge over the top, to access the Marina. I have been here before with my sister and family, so no need to linger long. Just enough time to sit and have a bite to eat. 
There is a lot to do for day trippers, walks around the lake, shopping, cinema, and eating out. There are posh apartments if you want to live here.

I decided to get off the canal at this point, and turn left over the railway line and over the River Trent, towards Walton village. This is the bridge over the river. If you are lucky you might see some fun and games when a slightly larger vehicle decides to try and squeeze through.

Looking down as I walked over on a separate footpath, a swan family with six youngsters. 
I followed the road through Walton to Rosliston, found a bench and sat for a few minutes to study the map to work out my next move. If I make my way towards Swadlincote I could head back to Burton from there. Just as I got up to leave a man who had been washing his car at the house opposite came over to speak to me. He asked if I was going to the Forestry Centre, and said the road is busy with traffic, and he could let me through his back gate so I could avoid that. How kind people are. I went straight through onto the track, away from the road.

I didn't take any photo's here, because it was rather busy with families and children running around having a lot of fun. It's ideal for children, wide open spaces, things to climb on, and woods to build dens. I like this mural on the Visitor Centre. There is a good web site if you want more information. My sister takes her grand kids there.

I went to the shop to pick up a site map, and the man explained which path I should take to get out of the place. I headed for Caldwell. Following the road from there towards the A444 to Cadley Hill. Not an ideal route to take as it was busy with cars, but the most direct. By now time was getting on and I needed the shortest route back to Burton.

The riverside gardens at Stapenhill are always a delight to wander through. There are pictures elsewhere on this blog from a previous visit. I am standing at the top of the terraced gardens looking down on the swan.

Absolutely beautiful. When I was a mere nipper we came on the bus to spend the afternoon playing in these gardens.

The wildlife know that if they hang around for a while, someone will come along and feed them.

Nearly back. All I had to do was cross the bridge, call in at Tesco to pick up something for tea, and back to the hotel. Well chuffed with my walk, a bit of allsorts to look at, and some nice people to chat to. 16.5 miles. Another walk tomorrow. not as long because I will be driving home after it. Best study the map and decide where I want to go. 

Now I am tired, I must eat. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. A lovely walk Ilona, much diversity and interest. It is not like you to come down with a cold; I may have mentioned before that apparently shopping trolleys and baskets are a haven for germs, I always keep a small cleansing gel for hands (cost about £1) in my handbag and use it after going shopping.

  2. Crumbs, the photo of the boat going through the bridge looks rather tight. Great photos.

  3. Thanks Ilona. Another good idea. Might just have to pay a visit to Shobnall marina and a bit of a walk down the canal. I didn't know it was there. We went to Stapenhill gardens a couple of weeks ago and a walk round the Washlands. You picked some nice weather for it. Hope you keep that cold at bay.

  4. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling great.So I hope that you are on the mend soon!.You did alot of miles and to places that I havent heard of before.Although when you mention Barton under Needwood and Swadlincote,Ive got relatives that live there as well.Although my Dad always called it Swad.Lovely photos of the gardens and the swans with their babies!And how nice of that man to give you a short cut through his garden!.I do love sharing your breaks!...I do hope that you feel better soon,I really dont think that this really hot weather does us much good.Yesterday when I sat in the garden,even in the shade it was making me feel sick and dizzy...When I think of the days,when I used to lay on the beach from early morning until about 6 in the evening,lol.I couldnt do that now!!xx

  5. I walked along today with a man and his dog who live on a canal boat.There are quite a lot of complicated problems and expense involved it seems.They enjoy it though and apparently it's lovely and warm in winter.Hope you are on the mend Ilona x

  6. Wouldn't suit me to be that close in those boats. Lovely place though.

  7. As usual lovely photos, thankyou. Love looking at the white swans. A lot of swans live in our area and I see some most days but of course, they are black! If I were wealthy (and like to fly)I would like a canal boat trip,I often watch documentaries on these and would enjoy it.My husband and I have had influenza,despite having the inoculation! So much sympathy to you,it has put my walking back a bit,but getting back to it now,

  8. It looks like a lovely place to go walking Ilona. Hope you are feeling better today! :)

  9. Hope you are feeling a lot better.
    Your photos are beautiful and so interesting.
    I learn so much from your blog and you are always positive.
    Enjoy your day Ilona.
    Hazel c uk

  10. We are four miles north of Belper if you have time for a coffee x

  11. Here I am sitting in a car park in Germany, only to read your blog and find a suite of photos entirely of places I recognise. Lovely!

    I'm a few days delayed in commenting, so hope the coughs and sneezes have abated by now.


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