Sunday, 18 August 2019

It all seems such a long time ago

Does anyone remember autograph books? Some people collect autographs from famous people, I collected them from school friends and teachers. 
Yes Christine, I did go to the Methodist church, but I didn't get to kiss the boys on Mondays. 
Susan, at 13 years old, I didn't know what making love was. I was a late starter, it was another six years before I started that malarkey.

Oooh, you are cruel, Sandra. Funny you should mention cow muck, they have been spraying the fields around the village this afternoon, there's a heck of a pong outside.

Same here Jacky. Four of us used to play kiss chase, I always made sure I caught the boy next door.

Oh dear Lorraine, that wasn't very good business sense was it. A tin of milk is worth at least 2/6.

Blimey, we were so naïve. I didn't grow up until I left home at 18.
Anyone else collect autographs, got any little rhymes?
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Ive still got my school autograph book,but Im not too sure where it is at the minute.Shoved in a drawer somewhere,lol.But I do know that there are little verses in there.Ive also got one from when I was about 8 and I used to go to the working mens club on a Saturday night with my Mam and Dad.They used to have groups on and I would stand at the stage door to get their autographs.Ive had famous one over the years but I havent got a clue where they are.I do remember,when I was about 14 going to see The Herd at Top Rank and I hadnt got a autograph book at the time.I never thought that I would get chance to meet them!.So when I was backstage with them,I got them to sign my arm,then the next day put sellotape over it and that took the writing from my arm and I was able to stick their autographs on to some paper!.Ive met quite alot of famous people over the years...Jimmy Savile,being one of them...He was on the same cruise ship as me in 2004.My most favourite moment was meeting the Love Affair in 1969.I was that nervous that when Steve Ellis asked me my name,I couldnt remember it,lol.xx

    1. Ooo Debi -Steve Ellis!You could have been rich and famous-"Never Ending Love" is wonderful x

  2. I finished school that Easter 1964 too. I already had a Saturday job at Brindleys in Derby. So I just went on to working full time. My mum has some old autograph books but I never collected autographs. You are right, we were still children by todays standards.

  3. here's one I remember---
    "When you get married and have a divorce, come to my barn and marry my Horse." (still must be a gonner by now)

  4. On our last week at senior school we were each given a bible, and we got everyone to sign inside even the teachers, I still have it, but no funnt comments like yours.

  5. I do not have a school autograph book. But there are some little English rhymes I still remember, printed on posters hanging on my childhood dentist's waiting room wall:
    "My grandfather is very old and he is very wise
    he keeps himself in constant trim by daily exercise.
    For years granddad has eaten food
    which he had had to chew
    for being wise he realised
    teeth need to work hard, too".

    And another dentist's one:
    "Twice a year we go to town
    just to visit doctor Brown
    doctor Brown our teeth inspects
    and keeps them free from all defects".

    Cheers, 64 years old grandma with still her own teeth, Jeanneke.

  6. I did have an autograph book but guess it got thrown out. I am 81 and agree we were so inconcent and I remember still playing with cut out dolls at 10. I think the children of today (and its not there fault) grow up so quickly and it's so sad. I went to Brownies, Guides, Sunday School and Youth Club and had lots of fun, I had a boyfriend at 16 and went on to marry him when I was 20 until he died (52). They were good days then and I have had a good life on my own since then.
    Hazel c uk

  7. My autograph book is tucked away somewhere so safe that not even I can find it. The only autograph I remember is "I'm the clown who came to town to write in your book upside-down."

  8. I got a few primary school autographs but none from high school. When I was working in a posher hotel in Blackpool a managed to get a few celebs. The one I was most excited about was the kids of Fame, the series, when they did a world tour. Barbara Windsor, she was lovely.

  9. I had an autograph book when I moved up from primary school, aged 11, signed by all my friends and teachers.
    It was unfortunately thrown out when my sister cleared my dad's house when he moved into a nursing home. I wish I had taken it away with me now when I moved out to get married.

  10. One from my mother's book, written during the early 1950s:

    Two in a hammock
    Attempted to kiss
    But all of a sudden
    It ended like THIS! (the word was written upside down)

  11. Roses are red,violets are blue,sugar is sweet and so are you! We had them in Australia also.I don't know where mine went.Fun memories!

  12. Juan Santamaria wrote "I'll bet I'm the only boy who has ever signed your crack" in the binding of my yearbook. That was the only crack of mine he ever got to sign after my father read it.

  13. I remember writing rhymes in autograph books! I can't remember any. I love that you have kept yours.

  14. I still have mine, the grandchildren would laugh if I showed it to them now,

  15. I still have mine, all of my school friends signed it with a rhymes when I came to Canada in 1954. When my family emigrated we crossed the Atlantic via ship with a pet dog in tow. It was an Italian ship so most of the staff were Italian and at that time spoke little English. When we wanted to take our dog out of the kennel for a walk we had to call "Three Come Here" that is how he signed my book. Also have some local TV's personalities sign it from back in the 50's. It's nice to look back on all of the pages and try to remember who wrote the words and when.

  16. Hi hun, Yes I had an autograph book which was filled from school and later college friends in 1980.I threw it way about 12 years ago when we were moving house.I regret doing it as it was so innocent and silly. The rudest rhyme I had was" ashes to ashes, dust to dust , if you don't like my new jumper get your hands of my bust!*. At the time I thought it was very rude. Laughable now! Like you I was 17 1/2 before I grew up - today's children aren't children for very long which is such a shame.Childhood is precious and can't be regained.*hugs* Goldensunflowerx


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