Monday 11 November 2019


I don't very often make plans, I am a spur of the moment kind of person. If I do something with other people then I only plan a week or so ahead, but if I do something on my own and an idea pops into my head, I do it. Like yesterday, it was a nice day, I had been busy in the house, had lunch, then put my boots on and went out. Got to get the fresh air while I can. A five mile walk takes two hours. If I didn't go I wouldn't see our beautiful countryside. 

Almost back now and the sun is going down behind the clouds. It looks very dramatic. 
We are very lucky to live here. Toodle pip.  ilona 


  1. Beautiful photos it looks a lovely walk

  2. Lovely photos Ilona.There are a lot of beautiful walks around where I live..It just isnt that safe for us now as there have been alot of incidents over the last few years...weeks even...and nothing being done about it.xx

  3. So lovely and reminds you how precious life is.

    1. It is precious, Alice. There are some horrendous fires going on around the world at this very moment. It is heart breaking to see the pictures. People having to gather their possessions and leave their houses, not knowing if the are going to be able to return. Very sad.

  4. You are lucky because it looks flat where you live. Here it is all hills and a bit of a challenge for us now. In the past we used to walk the downs a lot.

  5. Well I never thought I would be getting walking again but have been subscribed to your blog a few years now and am soon to get a dog. So that together with my Very Fit band make me think that I will be a walker with you all. Not such massive distances you all do but as you always say, do what you can. Looking forward to getting fitter and am inspired by you.


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