Saturday, 25 September 2021

A short tour of the Falkirk Wheel.

I spent about two hours at Falkirk, could have stayed a lot longer as there was much to see. I could have walked about three miles along the canal tow path to see the Kelpies, two massive horses heads steel sculptures, but I still had a long way to drive.  Watch this video of the Kelpies. I probably should have made time to go. Never mind, maybe next time. 
Here is a small sculpture outside the museum. 
This Airstream reminds me of Andrew Ditton. He is a yoootooober who makes videos about motorhomes, caravans, and campervans, and he has one of these. An Airstream, not a snack bar, ha ha. If you want to take a look at Andrews Airstream he shows you around in this video.  

A couple more shots of the Wheel. 

And a walkabout video from me. 
On to the next stage of the journey. Back onto the M80 and M9 motorways, then onto the A84 to Callander. Turn left on the A85, pick up fuel and have a short break at Crianlarich. Turn right onto the A82, follow that through to Fort William, Spean Bridge, and Invergarry. Turn left onto the A87 to Skye Bridge. Follow that through to the Ferry Terminal at Uig. I arrived at 6.30pm and found a free place to park overnight on a piece of waste ground. It had a 'P' sign and there was a campervan already parked there. I had a chat with the two ladies, they were catching the same boat as me the following morning. 
More to come. Catch you next time. Toodle pip.    ilona


  1. What a great holiday you have had, I stayed near Spean Bridge for a week 4 years ago and traveled far and wide while there, including going up Ben Nevis which was facing my room. Tilly

    1. I remember visiting Spean Bridge many many years ago. There is a haulage firm there called Fergusons, and they had a lady driver. The daughter of the family business I seem to remember. She took us into the forest where they were logging. Amazing to watch them load up the trucks.

  2. ↪👍🌟Brilliant ilona -meanqueen

    Wishes Levi xxx

  3. A lovely post Ilona. Felt like I was there with you at the Falkirk Wheel and very inspired to visit. Thank you so much for sharing...those Kelpies look amazing lit up in the darkness!!

    1. I was sorry I missed the Kelpies, but there are only so many hours in the day. Maybe next time.


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