Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Making good use of a free box.

My clothes peg basket has seen better days. The plastic is breaking, it has been mended with black tape, I don't think the bulldog clip will hold it for much longer. 
A replacement has been found. I don't use these capsule thingies, but my friend does. She gave me this box to cut up for a craft project. I think it works very well as a container for my pegs. 
It's a boiling hot day again. I've been out to a couple of shops, some things I needed. It's a Billy dog walking day but it's too hot at the moment, 4.15pm. I will go later. I will fill an hour or two in the shaded part of the garden.

We'll catch up later. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Good thing using your box for pegs,, I have loads of boxes - but not using them for what they should be, I have damsons in a butter box that I have got out from the freezer for tomorrow. I do always put what is on them. It's been a lovely day here.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  2. My mother's clothes pin(pegs) container was a cloth bag that fit over a wire clothes hanger.
    She would hang it on the clothes line and slide it down the line as she hung up clothes. She considered it scandalous to leave the bag on the line after the washing came in from drying.

    1. I have one like this! It's shaped like a dress with the hanger at the top across the "shoulders". I love it.

    2. These types of peg bags are most common. I could have made one. I have plenty of hangers and fabric. I prefer a box because I have two sizes of pegs, small ones for lightweight items, and large chunkier ones for heavy items. I like to see what I am dipping into, rather than stick my hand in a hole and hope I pull the right peg out.


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