Thursday, 30 September 2021


 Three cheers for the Audiology Department, my hearing aid has winged it's way back to me, courtesy of Royal Mail, fully repaired with a new tube. That's a relief. I thought they might have put in a pack of batteries, but no matter, I can get them from our village Medical Centre. 

I have a video uploading, so I'll put that out later. Tatty byes for now,.  ilona


  1. Im just catching up with your blog because for some reason Ive had a busy few days.Anyway,back to see what youve been up to!.Im really pleased for you that you have got your hearing aid back.You must have felt lost with out it.I really wish that my Mam would get one...but she insist that she isnt deaf.To be honest,I think that maybe she just needs her ears syringing but as the doctors dont do it now,she has got to pay £50 to have them done.....You can imagine what she says to that,lol,xx


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