Tuesday, 28 September 2021


 Good Morning. Howzit going for you? Can you speak up please, my hearing is reduced by 50% because I have only one working ear. My hearing aid broke into two pieces on Saturday morning, so I have had three days of limited communication with the outside world. 

The system does not allow me to drive 15 minutes to the Hospital, climb three flights of stairs to the Audiology department, hand it over to a technician for repair, and insert it back into my ear to restore the sound entering my head. 

On checking the NHS web site I have followed their instructions. Place it into a jiffy bag, one that has already been used I might add, take it to our pop up Post Office in the church, where the nice man put it into his sack to be picked up by a Royal Mail worker. 

So now I wait for it's return. I hope it wings it's way quickly to the hospital, and that someone will quickly get on with the job of re tubing it and posting it back to me. 

For now I have to tell everyone I meet that I can't get into a conversation with them. I already keep my distance by raising my voice so there is no need to stand close to anyone. Now my hearing is severely restricted I am beginning to feel really isolated. 

I did a six mile walk on Saturday, it just wasn't the same when I couldn't hear the birds twittering and the breeze blowing through the trees. There was also the uncertainty of anyone approaching from behind. I need to know this when out alone. When one of the senses is compromised you have to bring the remaining four into play. Stop and turn around to look all around. Stop at the kerbside, look both ways to make sure it is clear before stepping into the road. Normally I would be able to hear any oncoming traffic. 

Watching videos is still possible, but cumbersome. I balance one of the speakers on my shoulder next to my good ear, held in position with either one hand, or when that begins to ache I hook it into the snood around my neck. 

With my hearing being impaired the tinnitus is more noticeable. I have a constant hissing inside my head. I need the aid to block that out. 

I hope they repair it quickly. I shall be watching for the post each day. 

More holiday pictures to come, and don't forget we are approaching the end of the month, it is check in time for the International Walking Group on Friday. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona   


  1. My sympathies to you. My mum was profoundly deaf - completely on one side and about 3/4 lost on the other - without her hearing aid she was lost. Back in the day, she was given extra lengths of that plastic tubing. Do the Hospital not do that any more? Hope there is a quick turnaround on your hearing aid.

  2. Not to mention the cost, I have to send mine recorded, enclose another jiffy bag for the return and I had to buy the bags as I had none. It cost me £14 only to have it returned as they claimed it wasn't mine!!

    1. I didn't see any mention of this on the web site. I suppose different areas have their own way of doing things.

  3. Thinking of you Ilona. Hope you get the repair done very soon x

  4. Hope that you get it back soon.Its a pain in the backside when anything like this happens because I know what you mean about hearing the birds singing.It can knock you off balance too so please be careful when out walking...see,Ive turned into your Mother again!xx


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