Monday, 5 October 2009

Best ever bag

A couple of weeks ago I saw some patchwork bags in River Island which were rather nice, they gave me some ideas to make my own. I picked out some matching fabric samples from the pile I have been hoarding for many years, and cut them into three inch squares. I stitched these together with the machine to make two sides. I added a strip across the top of each one because I thought this would make it easier to sew the zip onto, I also added two strips on the inside cut from an old plastic tablecloth to act as a stiffener.

Next I made the handles with matching fabric, and stitched one onto each side. Then came the decoration, always best to sew it on now before you join them up. I cut three leaf shapes from some red upholstery fabric, and sealed the edges with clear nail varnish, then hand stitched them into place with a few buttons.

I rounded the bottom corners and sewed the two sides together. Next I sewed the zip into place, this came from a garment that I took apart. Finally I made the lining from a gold shiny blouse that I bought for 20p from a car boot sale. I hand sewed this into the bag neatly round the top. Everything fitted together perfectly, the right colour lining, right colour cotton, and a zip the right size. It is 12" x 11" and the handles are long enough to put them over your shoulder. I'm very pleased with it.


  1. Wow, that is brilliant, you could easily sell them for some extra cash.

  2. Great bag Ilona... I really like this one. Buttons and petal decoration is a super idea... I may borrow that!

  3. That is beautiful ...

    Anne in Cambridge


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