Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Just chuck it !

I'm having an easy week this week, due to dog sitting duties, my friend Ben is lying by my side as I type. It's three walks a day, so I'm not able to venture very far.

Yesterday I very bravely entered my spare room, I have been putting off this moment for a couple of months, knowing what I would find on the other side of the door. Anything that doesn't have a designated place in the house, and isn't used very often, gets shoved in there. It's just got to be done, I thought, as I cautiously peered inside. A big sort out is needed.

I like to do this chore every couple of months or so, but you know what it's like, keep the door shut and forget about it, and a year later the clutter is horrendous. Pussycat Bugsy came in with me, hopeing for a game of hide and seek, he soon did a runner when I hauled a lot of the stuff out onto the landing and plugged the Dyson in.

The secret to sorting stuff out, or decluttering as I like to call it, is that you don't put it all back again, like my friend Rosie. Her house is a nightmare, it is packed to the rafters with stuff, and she keeps buying more. As a consequence her life is rather chaotic like her house. I couldn't be doing with having to search through mountains of stuff everytime you want something, I'm sure it was here somewhere, ;-0

Anyway today I feel a whole lot better, like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I have some stuff to take to the council dump. Why do I need to keep an electric blanket that could potentially burn my house down, or a padded headboard that hasn't been used for twenty years and probably never will again? I've got a couple of boxes of stuff for the charity shop. I don't need a magazine rack , I keep my copies of Psychologies on the dining room table to browse while I eat, and I don't need a waste bin in the bathroom, I take my rubbish downstairs and put it straight in the kitchen bin.

I have just been in my tidy spare room, there are still a few items I can give away. As time goes on and I haven't used something, why hang on to it, you can't take it with you. Out of sight out of mind, that's what I say.


  1. You can fix up the room to rent out to us when we travel!

  2. Yes of course, B & B, you'll have to do your own washing up though, ha ha ;-O

  3. Bring your own water and washing up liquid hahaha :oP


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