Monday, 19 October 2009

Handy little containers.

Here is an idea you might like to copy. I get through quite a lot of 'So Good', soya milk, and it seems a shame to throw away the cartons. Our council does not collect these tetra packs, if we want to recycle them we have to take them to the collection point which is five miles away. As I very rarely go there I do not want to have them lying around for that long.
Once washed they can become handy little containers for small items. I cut these down to three inches tall, and as you can see, twelve of them fit nicely inside the lid of a box. You could make them any height you like, and if you have a bigger box you could put more of them in, maybe 15 or 2o or more. If you had a hobby that you needed to store lots of small parts you could cut them to fit inside a drawer.

I'm not sure what to put in these yet, I was thinking of sorting out my nails and screws as they are all mixed up in a big tin, it takes me ages to find the ones I want. Or I might put my buttons in them. There must be loads of ideas you could use them for.


  1. Mmmm buttons is a very good idea... you could sort them by colour... or by size... or by size and colour lol! And if you are really feeling creative you could cover them with paper or fabric! Well done Ilona... great post.

  2. Hi there Meanqueen. I was Googling something yesterday - can't remember what it was now - and stumbled upon your blog. Spent hours here and am back again, it's such fun! We never wasted anything in our household when I was a child, and my grandmother didn't either, I feel so at home here!

    My grandmother used to grate every dry crust of bread for breadcrumbs, she had a special drawer for pieces of brown paper and string which could be re-used, and my mom made clothes for herself, my sister and me. I've been making my own clothes for over forty years, it's great because you NEVER LOOK LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! Make my own jewellery too.

    I laughed like a drain when I saw the pictures of your work tables, they look just like mine. Times are tough here in South Africa, jobs are very scarce and the price of everything goes up almost by the week, and people are not coping well. But my husband and I are coping better than most thanks to my "mean" streak. We have our vegetable garden, fruit trees and herbs, and we make our own bread. We also make huge pots of soup or stew and feed off them for days, sometimes we freeze the remainder of a stew and then curry it second time around. Dumplings are a great extender - a friend of my daughter asked "WHAT are dumplings?", can you believe it? I don't think people cook in this country any more, it's all fast food and restaurants.

    Thanks for sharing your life and your great ideas with the world, I'll be a regular visitor.

  3. Thank you Billie Jane, you could make the bigger box the same height as the containers, then cover it, then you wouldn't see the sides.

    Hi Sandra, How lovely that you have found my blog, you are welcome. My work tables need a bit of a tidy up, they are even messier now, loads of stuff piling up.

    I think I could learn a few things from you, I also like looking different. My friend has got some clothes for me to look through tomorrow to see if I want any. She is a little bit bigger than me, but I will be able to alter them to fit. I used to make my clothes at school, but dont any more because they are so cheap from charity shops if you look around for the sales.


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