Friday, 16 October 2009

A lot to remember !

I thought I was going to get my hot water fixed today, two young men arrived this morning, they said they had come to change the gas pipe from the meter to the boiler, which was the wrong diameter. Ten minutes later one of them said he had forgotten something and drove off in the van and left the other one to make a start on the job.

He came back. Half an hour later they said they had forgotten to bring a gas bottle for the blowtorch, and they had to go back to the depot to get one. They both went off in the van.

Forty minutes later they came back. Have I got a key to open the gas meter box? They had forgotten theirs. Have I got a cloth to wipe up with? Have I got some washup liquid? Have I got a pen? Goodness gracious, it's a wonder they remembered to bring themselves !

Three and a half hours later they had finished the simple job. I said what about no water coming out of the hot taps? He said, 'We'll tell the woman in the office when we get back.'

I told the woman in the office, yesterday, that's why she sent someone round today. A fat lot of use they were. Wonder if I will ever get my free Warm Front central heating and hot water to work !


  1. What a disgrace!! This company Home front need reporting to 'Watchdog' or have they already been on there!!?

  2. Perhaps "Warm Front" should be re-named as "Y Front"; They seem to be pants.

  3. Ha ha, I like that Cyberkim :-)