Monday, 26 October 2009

How tiresome !

I took the new boots for a test drive today, nearly three hours of tramping down lanes, across fields, through woods, and not a hint of sore feet, yippeeee. It looks like I made the right choice, they are so comfy. I walked down the hill, along the river bank to the industrial estate, round the edge of a field, and along the footpath at the bottom of the wood. I did a big circular walk, as I hate walking out and back along the same route.

I'm going to get out walking as much as I can, because usually during the winter months I get a touch of that S A D thingy, where you feel lousy because you don't get much sunlight. I did think of getting a light box to sit in front of every day, but I decided I would save the money and just go out and walk around in the natural light.

We are so lucky to have a wonderful contryside round here, and then you find something like this.....

Thirtytwo tyres dumped in the ditch. I am so angry I cant tell you what I would like to do to the people who did this, well alright I will. Stack the tyres up into a tube, and put the person inside, and roll them down a big hill so they crash into a lot of trees at the bottom, and leave them there in the ditch with broken arms and legs. They wouldn't do it again :-0 I rang the council when I got home, hopefully they will send someone to pick them up.

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