Sunday, 25 October 2009

Feline emporium

On the spur of the moment this morning, I went to have a browse round the car boot sale at the football ground. You never know, I might find some roller blades. Guess what, I did find some, they looked about the right size, but they appeared to be almost brand new, so I thought they might be beyond my price range. Never mind, I kept looking. I did find a pair of nearly new black trainers for £2, they were a good fit so I bought them. Then I did another circuit of the stalls in case I had missed anything. If the roller blades were still there I had decided to ask how much. Big disappointment, they had gone, serves me right for being too slow :-(

I called in to see my cat crazy friend Sue, on the way back. She has thirteen cats of her own, and fosters seven more for Cats Protection. You can never get Sue to venture very far from her house and her cat family. I have been asking her for ages to come with me and visit my friend Janet at her cattery, I know she would love it there. One day she might say yes.

Sue's whole house is dedicated to cats, ornaments, cushions, pictures, everywhere you look there are cats in some form or another. A few of her hundreds of ornaments.
One of many cat pictures covering the walls.

Cats are on the tiles in the kitchen.

As well as the chalet's for the rescue cats, she has built an enclosed run over almost the entire garden. They can come and go as they please, from the house to the garden, and are completely safe from any dangers such as traffic. These cats are Sue's whole life she would be devastated if anything happened to them. This is Smudge.

This little cat has only three legs, she has her own chair in a sunny spot outside. She sits for hours on this chair even when it rains, under the shelter of her umbrella. Sue is well known in the village and if any cats are reported lost or found she is always the first person that people ask for help, she is one of life's unsung hero's.

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  1. How lovely to have afriend like that. I would be like that too I reckon if I were on my own with no hubby and kids. I love cats. I particularly LOVE your friends kitchen tiles. Absolitely gorgeous. I have never seen tiles like that before. It is hearwarming to read about the little darling with only three legs living life in the slow lane under the shelter of the umbrella...bless.


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