Thursday, 5 November 2009

Born again puss

I've got a new pussy cat, well an old one that I have revamped, a born again kitty. This is my idea for recycling ornaments that are past their best. This cat wasn't particularly old but it had a strange face with puffy cheeks, and some of the paint had come off. The shape was ideal, gently rounded, no bits sticking out.

Remember the beads and stone that I covered in crochet, why not try it with something bigger. It helps if the ornament is not too complicated though, it would be almost impossible to do a horse unless it's legs were tucked underneath it. This is puss approaching the halfway stage.
I started at the bottom, crochet a circle then add a few more stitches for the feet. Then go round and round, increasing and decreasing to fit the contours, no pattern just follow the curves. I drew a picture of it before I started, marking where the stitching should go. I thought a red cat would be nice. Four buttons for the eyes, and black wool for the markings. And hey diddly, introducing Oscar, isn't he cute? He is almost 10 inches tall, the photo doesn't do him justice as the flash has whiped out the detail in the stitches. He looks lovely in the flesh.


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