Thursday, 12 November 2009

More tyres and cheap food

Three snippets for today's post. Remember the 32 tyres I found dumped in a ditch? Well there are eleven more now, totalling 43. I rang the council again, third phone call, and the environmental health chappie said a contractor has been to inspect the site and has tendered a price to remove and dispose of them. They will do the job next week. I thought that was a bit strange and asked why one of their own vehicles could not be sent to pick them up. He said they would still have to pay for disposal at an authorised site, so it was cheaper if they paid an outside company to do it. I wonder how many other jobs they contract out?

A leaflet came through the door the other day advertising a new Cash and Carry which has recently opened. It's on the way to town so I stopped to have a look at what they are selling. It's a small warehouse full of food stuffs, pet food, household and toiletries. Some of the prices were really cheap, the catch is that a lot of the stock is out of date, or least popular flavours and varieties which haven't sold in the bigger shops. I filled my basket for £9.50 with packets and tins. Putting dates on food is the best thing they ever did, but the other week I read in the press that they were considering stopping the practice because people are throwing too much food away. I hope they dont because I dont mind eating out of date food, especially if I can get it cheaper.

In all my sixty years I have only ever spoken to one other Ilona on the phone, and met another in person. It was lovely to find people with the same name as me, and ask about their experiences of living with an unusual handle. I seem to have had more difficulties than they have with explaining the pronounciation of it. Their English version is much simpler than the German version my mother taught me. It is natural for me to say it with a German accent, but then no one can understand it.

This week I have spoken to another Ilona. I found her on the internet and she lives in Glasgow, but guess what, we also have the same surname, how cool is that! It was exciting, I rang the number and asked to speak to myself, ha ha. The woman replied, 'speaking,' and repeated her name. I said 'hello, I am also Ilona.' It was lovely chatting to her. I think that makes us rather exclusive, we could possibly be the only two in the whole wide world. Amazing!


  1. That is strange isn't it, somebody else with such an unusual name. In my mind when I type it I say eye-lone-a. Is that totally off the mark from what your name is supposed to sound like?

  2. Sharon, that is the way most people say it, similar to the Scottish Isle of Iona, but with an 'l'.

    My way is... Ee - the middle bit is the hardest, half way between low and lor. Trying to think of a similar sound, do you remember Frankie Howard's catch phrase of ouw, when he pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows, the end is no as in not without the 't'.
    So.....Ee louw no
    When I go to Germany everyone says it that way.

  3. Isn't that nice! I taught an Ilona once years ago.
    Found someone with same name as me living fairly close by through the local Library's confusion, all sorted and as far as I know we've never met!


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