Friday, 27 November 2009


I've got a few craft projects on the go at the moment, some in various stages of completion and some are a figment of my imagination. I have been so engrossed with ideas swimming around in my head, that other things have taken a back seat. I actually forgot to go and help out at the Scrapstore the other day, luckily they had some other volunteers they could rely on. I must remember to take a note book with me when I go out so I can write down any dates I need to remember, then transfer it onto my calendar when I get home.
Remember the stone I made a dark blue crochet cover for, and stitched some pearl beads onto? I wondered what to do next. I covered some more stones in various colours, then I came up with the idea of making a rock pool with them. I can visualise them on a plate also covered in crochet, in greens and blues to give the appearance of water. The stones would have plant life growing on them as in a real rock pool. So far I have used cut up zips, shredded plastic rope, plastic pen tops, beads and buttons to add sea flowers and plants. I'm not telling you any more I don't want to spoil it, you will have to wait for the finished article which might take a couple of weeks or more.

I bought three quite thick, long fabric belts in green, yellow, and orange, for 30p each from the charity shop. I didn't know what they were untill someone told me they are judo belts. When I saw them I thought, aha, a bag. Watch this space.

I have made some more crochet beads and I'm in the process of stringing them together to make a necklace. I want to add something else to them to make it a bit more interesting, still thinking about that.

I have also brought down the small coffee table I made ages ago out of cat food boxes, it was tucked away in the spare room. I was getting a bit fed up with it because I couldn't get the surfaces flat and level, but then I thought, why does it have to be perfect, I could leave it all lumpy and bumpy, as long as a cup or glass can stand on it without toppling over. So now I want to finish it off with Felix cat food pouches all over it, but I am struggling to find the right substance to stick them on with. I have tried three types of glue but no joy. I don't want to spend lots of money on glue because that defeats the object of it being made out of rubbish. I have an idea to ask a man that makes vinyl covers for lorries, he uses glue that might work.

I have been struggling to get onto my two crafting tables, everytime I sit down to do some work the cats want to join in. This is Lilly and Freddie fighting for position under the warm lamp.

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