Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Bring your duster if you visit

I've been thinking of this simple life I have, maybe it's becoming a tad too simple, maybe if you don't use your brain very much it turns into cotton wool. What is it the experts say, use it or lose it? I always seem to shut down at this time of year anyway, shorter days, thinking it would be nice to hibernate, everything takes a lot more effort in the winter. I could very easily become a slob.

Looking around me there is plenty to do, a bit of dusting, dysoning the carpets, cleaning the windows, but I can't be bothered. I'll leave it till the spring. I know someone who lives in a junk yard, it reminds me of Steptoe's house if you can remember the sit com from years ago. Steptoe was a rag and bone man who went out in his horse and cart to collect scrap. I am not exagerating here, she collects junk. Each to their own I suppose, but I couldn't live with all that clutter, an utter nightmare not being able to find anything. Her life is very complicated, she tries to juggle job, child, clubs, dog, no wonder she is always worn out. I tell her to get a skip and get rid of all her junk, she says she will, but never does, some people are like that I suppose.

So back to my house. I keep things simple by periodically sorting out, then take a bag or two to the charity shop. Once it's gone out of the house I forget all about it, forget I ever owned it, forget I ever saw it.

Sometimes things coming into the house hardly get past the front door. Like junk mail for instance. My paper recycling cupboard is just inside the kitchen, the leaflets from companies I have no interest in go straight in there. I might scan the supermarket ones to see if there is anything I need to buy, but nine times out of ten the special offers are on junk food. Any unsolicited sales letters which have my name and address on them, have my personal details ripped from the top and go in the shredder, the rest goes to recycle. Do not put any bits of paper in the recycle which have any personal details on them which might identify you. I still get paper bills so they go on the notice board in the office with the date they have to be paid, highlighted so I don't forget.

The man came yesterday to read the electric meter which is hidden behind a cupboard. I have to move it away from the wall so he can have access. Oh dear, the dust, ha ha.


  1. I remember Steptoe & Son from when I was a kid. I can still here him shouting 'AROLD!! lol brilliant that was. I know what you mean about the dust, I wet dust these days, seems to keep away a little longer...but not much longer!!

  2. My house is very dusty and its a full time job to keep it under control. I used to have a cleaner who did it but now that I do it myself - I have to admit the dust gets quite thick before it gets wiped away! And I agree about hibernating at this time of year... its so horrid out.

  3. If you fancy a slightly more satisfying method of dealing with junk mail, here's a suggestion:

  4. I like that idea Cyberkim. I shall be sending stuff back willy nilly.


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