Monday, 23 November 2009

My frugal Christmas

Now I have your undivided attention, I'm going to say this just the once.
That's got it all over and done with for this year then. I used to take part in Christmas, not any more, it's too much hassle. Hours trawling the shops for suitable gifts for friends and family. Worrying myself to death about getting something they might like, I am hopeless at Christmas shopping, oh the misery of it all! I have the answer, don't do it.

I will send a few family cards, and one to my best friend. What is the point of sending cards to people you don't have any contact with all year. I would much rather pick up the phone and have a chat, and if they don't ring me that's fine. I might give away some of my home made things, but I will definately not be battling my way round the shops filling my bag with cheap tat, or spending ridiculous amounts of money just because everyone else is and just because it's Christmas.

The same few decorations will come out of the box again, a small tree, some coloured lights, a few baubles. My food won't be much different from what I eat all the year round, I might get a small cake, and make a trifle. I'll treat the cats to a bit of chicken, and might even have a mad moment and treat myself to a small bottle of Pernod ;-o

This is my least favourite time of the year, lets just get it over and done with. Now New Year, that's another matter all together. I love New Years Day, a fresh new start, full of anticipation, looking forward, making plans, YESSSSSS, yippeee, roll on New Year.


  1. I can totally relate to how you think about christmas. I am trying to make as many hand made gifts this year as I can to save cash. Well...after the stupid amounts of money we have spent on our two kids this year we need to make savings somewhere!! Everything kids want are so expensive.

  2. Yes it must be difficult with kids wanting everything their mates have, I sympathise with you. All the advertising on the tele doesn't help either. I know parents want to give their kids a good Christmas, but they aren't doing them any favours by getting into debt for it. My answer is to postpone Christmas untill January, then hit the shops when things have been reduced.

  3. I am totally in agreement with you on the gift giving bit. Christmas should not be about that anyway. When I do give gifts, they are usually handmade and I believe they are appreciated more. I like sending e-cards as well to the few I want to send cards to. No money spent, no trees wasted, no garbage made.

  4. We "dropped out" of the madness some time ago. We're not Christian (and the family are only so in name) we're Pagans so we celebrate Yule. At this time of year we stockpile a few goodies of food and have people over to help us eat it but no gift madness or other hassle.

  5. We dropped out of Christmas years ago. I give the grands money until they are 21 then they drop off the list. They earn more than we get in pension.

    Christmas Day is just another 'Sunday' for us. My daugher and SIL will join us for a late lunch on the day, then the doors will be shut, curtains drawn and count down to New Year begun.

  6. Wow, I'm not alone then. 'Madness' sums it up for me as well.I don't feel the need to worship the God of shopping. The only religion I follow is treat people as I wish to be treated myself, be kind to all creatures, and respect the planet. Being nice to people is not just for Christmas.


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