Sunday, 1 November 2009

Scrapstore bag

Not a day for going out today, blowing a gale, but no worries plenty to do indoors. I went to the Scrapstore yesterday and they have been given a lot of fabric samples from a furniture company, lovely patterns and colours. They're not the usual single piece of fabric, but have been made up into flat cushions with a piece of wadding between non matching front and back. They are about a foot square, and no one has come up with a good idea for them yet.

It was obvious to me......bags of course. One of the seams is machine stitched on the outside, so I unpicked it. Then I cut a two inch strip off the top, I separated the two pieces and cut the two inch wadding strip lengthways in half again. Now I have two handles, roll them into two sausages with the wadding in the centre and sew them down the length.
Next find a piece of pink fabric to match, for the lining, sew the sides together. The wadding in the bag has been removed, it can be used for something else. Then get a small piece of pink, make a small narrow sausage, in a similar way to the handles but a lot smaller. And finally you need a button, sew it into place putting a small piece of folded fabric on the inside to reinforce it.

Pin everything into place, the lining inside, sandwiching the handles and the button tie, between the outer and inner. Sew one neat seam around the top, I used the machine but you could hand sew it. Finished in a couple of hours, and almost free.

I'm going to take this to the Scrapstore next week so they can put it on display, in the hope that other people will be inspired to make one. If no one wants to have a go, I have got another 75 to make, ha ha.


  1. I love your blog, I can just hear your voice, you make me laugh and I,m always amazed my your creativity.

  2. Your comments make me smile, thank you. Not sure if I will be smiling tomorrow though, I have the dentist, and car MOT. At least I don't have to pay for the dentist, keep my fingers crossed for the car.


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