Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Saving up for my MOT

Today is a day of mourning, my car didn't get a clean bill of health at the MOT station :-( Oh dear, I have a sick car that needs some mechanical intervention. I hate taking it for test, it's too nerve wracking, will it wont it. I had a tyre changed on the back before I took it in, as it was on the borderline, then dropped the car off and went walkabout. Much too stressful to sit around waiting for it.

I took some books back to the library, and took the bag I made to the Scrapstore. They were very pleased with it, and I came away with another sample in several shades of blue, to make another one.

My poor little baby is spending a lonely night locked inside the Central Tyres garage, awaiting some new front discs and pads, which will be fitted tomorrow morning, then I will get the pass certificate. The lads at the garage look after me, I have been going there for years, they very kindly gave me a lift home.

On a lighter note, I did find a one pound coin plus a 5p and a 2p coin lying on the ground in the car park at Wickes, not that it will make much of a dent in the £294 I have got to pay out for my MOT. Then there's the tax and insurance coming up soon. Never mind, I have been saving up for it.

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  1. I feel the same. My car went in for an MOT last month and failed I felt really bad about it but a week later and after a couple of hundred pound it went through. Having a problem with my car alarm though but my type of car is notorious, they all have their quirks I suppose but wish they would always costs so much money. Oh well I have a savings account set up specifically for my car so could be worse. Take care Ilona, regards, Justine


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