Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Teaching Henry

The car is back in it's usual place, on the drive, I've got lovely shiny new brakes, and it doesn't feel lumpy any more when I am using them.

I went for a dog walk with my friend Helen today, so she could teach me the commands she uses for Henry while she is training him. This is me and Henry

I have got him for the weekend while they go away. Henry is 10 months old and a big boy, he is so strong. I looked after him in June and it was a nightmare, he ate everything he could find. I am hoping he is going to behave himself in my house, I don't know what the cats will think, they will probably do a runner. If things don't work out I can always take him back to his house and stay there. This is going to be a trial, because I am looking after him again in a couple of weeks time, and it will be for six days. I think it would be good to take him out to places he hasn't been to before, treat it like a holiday for both of us.

He walked quite well today, not pulling too much, and he enjoyed romping across the fields. I shall probably be frazzled by Sunday night.

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