Friday, 10 June 2011

Garden needs a miracle, ha ha

All is not rosy in the garden, but this is probably down to my neglect. Plus I didn't buy any new seeds this year, use up the old ones, and I didn't get started early enough. So what is happening, will I get anything to eat?
A few peas coming along.

About six strawberries :o(

Masses of potatoes :o)

Several tomato plants which are still small :o(

Several cucumber plants which are also small :o(

One bed of spinach, you never know, we can live in hope :o)

One bed of carrots, possible I suppose :o)

One lone courgette plant, don't hold out much hope :o(

Some runner beans climbing the sticks, good chance :o)

Red currants and black currants, and do I spy a lone raspberry :o)

And the salad leaves are still going strong. Must take them with me again :o)

Right off to pack, then I must water up. We are in desperate need of rain here, so let's hope it comes down while I am away and doesn't follow me across the country.

The plan......Leave early and go straight to the campsite at Poulton le Fylde (cost £8). Put up tent. Get a bus into Blackpool, spend the day there and part of the night, bus back to camp. Next morning pack up early and go to Kettlewell in North Yorkshire. Park at hostel and go walkabout. Booked in there for one night (cost £14.60). Next morning go another walkabout. If weather is fine, either stay another night or find a cheap campsite nearby and put tent up, and have another day walking. If weather is horrible come home. Behave yourself while I'm away, I'll be watching you, ha ha.


  1. No fat chance of getting up to anything then, lol.

  2. Just pop your head round to my new blog before you leave. Sarina`s Allsorts. You might find something of interest there.

  3. Thanks for letting me know Sarina. It's very good, I like the bright and colourful header.

  4. Have a great time!

    Let me know what the hostel in like...Love hearing about hostels I haven't visited.

    Sft x

  5. In the gardening dept..'Owt's better n nowt'!
    Jane x

  6. Have a great time out and about!

  7. Have a great time on your trip.

    Re your garden, this might be worth a try...

    I think Starbucks give away coffee grounds, you can just help yourself, or just ask at any coffee shop.

    Have a safe journey.


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