Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Some wonderful comments from you

My lovely readers are inspiring me to write another post. I've just come back from visiting a friend, and found some great comments, and so I must reply to them because there are stories to tell.

Gwen has popped in, we met at Tobermory Youth Hostel. I thought you were gorgeous too, Gwen. I must tell you this. We were all chatting in the dining room one evening, it had been raining and everyone came back early. Across the room I noticed that a blonde lady and her husband seemed to be staring at me quite a lot. I wondered why, have I got two heads or something, ha ha. A lot of banter was going on, it was a good night. Anyway, when everyone was drifting off to bed, Gwen came to me and said, 'Don't I know you from somewhere?' Straight away I realised. I said, 'Did you watch Super Scrimpers?' We both laughed, it was so funny. Wow, suddenly I'm famous.

Thank you for the great news Jane, I am so pleased you are off to Sorrento on Thursday, on a Traveleyes holiday. Readers may remember I posted about my holiday to Skipton with Traveleyes, I'm so chuffed that I have inspired you Jane. Is Amar going with you? If he is I am dead jealous, Amar is gorgeous, a lovely man. If only I was a few years younger, about 30 to be precise, ha ha. Give him my best regards. I went to Sorrento with them three years ago, Jane, you will love it. The Isle of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, beautiful places. Enjoy yourself.

Thank you for reading my posts on Money Saving Expert, Christy. I don't post in a lot of topics, because there are a lot more knowledgable people on there than me. But if I can help a little bit here and there I will.

Lafamet is following my lead and becoming frugal, that's good to know. She has also got a new kitten and is riding her bike more. Great stuff Lafamet. Your blog is lovely by the way, so interesting.

Thank you for the info on Adsa price compare, Hawthorn, that is so usefull to know, I must give it a try.

Jane was looking for my email address, try this one

Forgive me if I haven't mentioned everyone by name. Your comments are a joy to read, it makes blogging so much more fun.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to type up your blog everyday. I look forward to reading it a lot. I like your new pic too at the top of you on your customised bike. Been member of MSE for several years, it's a great resource of moneysaving information. I like your outlook on life, and you're funny too. I really enjoy seeing the photos that you post. I'd really miss your blog if it wasn't here. All the best, Christy x

  2. Sorry forgot to say, thanks for taking the time to mention me in your blog, much appreciated. x

  3. Thanks Ilona and yes Amar will be with us!
    I'll let him know that he's a gorgeous, lovely man... Oops, I mean I'll give him your best regards!!

    There will also be a journalist from the Guardian newspaper with us too, for the first couple of days.

    Anyway, I must go, I've not packed my suitcase yet!!

    Jane X

  4. Hey, I've just read every single post you've written and I loved it all! I have to say, you did inspire me to make some tealight holders out of cans oh and I recycled some cardboard to make a gift for my mum's birthday which is today, I never do anything remotely crafty so thanks :D


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