Thursday, 9 June 2011

Ladies in waiting

We have received an email from the couple who adopted two of the kitties that I had here. They have been given the names Sandy and Molly. Don't they look contented in their furry cat bed. Margaret tells us that they are very playfull and full of beans. It's lovely to get updates like this.

This is their mum who is still here and waiting for a kind person to come forward and take her in. She looks a bit fat on this picture but she isn't, she is very petite and slender. She is called Flora on our Cat Chat page, but I think Mayze suits her better.

In Sue's pens we have Bow, a beautiful long haired tortie. She was very knotty when she arrived but Sue and Janet have managed to comb them out. Isn't she adorable. She has a beautiful multi coloured, long fluffy tail.

And Tango, her owner died and we took her in. She is very sweet natured and loves sitting on your knee and being stroked.

Another cat waiting for rehoming is the long haired one that had loads of knots, and her three black kittens. They are not ready to go yet, mum has to be spayed when she has stopped feeding her babies.

The phone enquiries have slowed up in the last couple of weeks, hopefully they will pick up again and we can find some nice people to take these. On the 26th of June we have our village fete, and we are having a stall to make some money for their upkeep. We will also be able to speak to a lot of people, and you never know, we might find some new homes as well. Keep your fingers crossed.

It's time I was taking another trip, so I'm off to Blackpool on Saturday, camping to keep it cheap. Then I will have a couple of nights in Yorkshire to do some hill walking. Not sure where I'm staying yet, I'll decide tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Those kitties are so adorable. I'd like them all! Sadly can't! Have a good weekend at Blackpool.

  2. Beautiful cats, though I must say I'm more of a dog person myself. Have a lovely break in Blackpool. Sally (Gy)

  3. OOh I just love the long haired tortie, she is beautiful and must have a lovely nature to allow her knots to be teased out. She certainly looks fabulous now.
    Hope all these lovely cats get new Mummys.

  4. What lovely cats, I'd love to take one off your hands, but due to asthma in us all we can't. I really hope they all get good homes. They have some lovely markings/colours. Hope your stall goes well and people are generous. Enjoy your jaunt to Blackpool. If it's for rollercoasters then you are not allowed to take picnics in now. See here... I think they make allowances for people with special dietary requirements though. How decent of them(!) Fill up on your sandwiches before you go in if you are visiting Pleasure Beach. I hope the weather is kinder to you than it was in Scotland. Have fun. Looking forward to the pictures. x

  5. Oh...I love cats and I miss mine. Too far to adopt one for this cat lover. Looking forward to your next jaunt. Yes..please stay and lots of photos. Can't wait. Maa

  6. Thanks for the link Christy. How mean of them to not allow people to eat their own food inside the park. Not good customer relations at all. But as they say, their tables and chairs outside the cafeterias are for their own customers. They should set up some designated picnic areas available to everyone. I will certainly have a butty and a drink inside my bag. I used to work on the Pleasure Beach forty years ago, it will be nice to take a look around. I won't be going on any rides though. Maybe I should take my ice skating boots and have a whizz around the rink.

  7. Found this link about free things in Blackpool, if you don't know about them already.

  8. Oh, I'm so glad the kitties have found forever homes!
    Jane x
    Plenty of pics of the holiday please!

  9. Thanks Christy. I will be walking along the prom, looking round the Pleasure Beach, the piers, and will look for the art gallery in Queen Street.


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