Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Safety first, and recycling, boom boom ha ha

Thank you to all who are concerned for my safety and comfort while out on my bike. I have taken on board what you have said, and I can now reveal my new attire as approved by the Health and Safety Executive of Great Britain. Each item of clothing has the recommended kite mark seal of approval, and has been fully tested on the Brands Hatch motor racing circuit, by Carlos Checa from Team Althea Ducati. Indeed he had two spills while testing these leathers, and they came through with flying colours, not a mark on them ;o)

First the helmet, it's a full face Nolan with an anti glare visor and fully adjustable chin strap. The leather Fieldsheer jacket was made in England. It is fully padded with zipper adjustments on the sleeves and four zip pockets.

The leather trousers are calf length with zippers for a snug fit around the lower legs. They are fully padded with extra padding on the knees and around the buttocks area, a must for a comfortable ride, and sliding down the road on my bum.

The boots have zippers and three buckles on each. They also have flourescent stripes which makes me visible in the dark from the side. And if I do get knocked off they have steel toecaps so my little toesies will be fine.

Just to finish off the new outfit and to protect my very valuable mitts, I have leather padded gloves with a highly visible white back and red stripes.

I'm sure you will agree that this outfit is perfect for my biking adventures, and in keeping with the philosophy of using up whatever you have first before buying new, I am pleased to say this fits the bill. All these items were already in my wardrobe, they are at least 27 years old.


  1. You'll boil in that lot!!
    Good idea though :-)

  2. Brilliant idea....but surely a mobile sauna! Keep to the shady side of the street!!

    Sue xx

  3. I know you will be safer in that lot but much preferred the colour co-ordinated attire. lol
    By the way, thanks for the comment on the crazy patchwork embroidery of poppy,
    Although I don't comment often, I wouldn't miss your posts for the world, always entertaining or informative.

  4. EEh, you are a caution, our Ilona x

  5. You're so funny Ilona! The outfit, together with the bike, looks like a cartoon.

    I showed your heavy haulage pics to husband just, he was very interested in those loads. He did a little of that stuff when he worked for Swindells when he was a mere babe!

  6. An absolutely topping outfit, it'll surely save you from injury if anything untoward happens when you are out and about. Very eyecatching, there will be honks of horns with all that leather gear you've got on. ;-) Remember to remove your helmet when you go to Tesco or into the bank, otherwise they may think you're an armed robber, your next TV appearance may well be on Crimewatch. ;-) Should anyone try to pinch your bike then you can give them a good kick in the goulies with your stainless steel toecapped boots and that will see them off. ;-) You're all set. Happy cycling. x

  7. Wow, you sexy thang! Mind, quite how sexy you'll be when the temp hits 80F (if ever) goodness knows :O)


  8. I think you will be as thin as a rake when you take it all off though, like Eddie Canter in that film where he creepily gets skeletal after a turkish bath.

  9. Erm... Could there be just the faintest hint of overkill here?


  10. You look fantastic!

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of admirers dressed like that.

    Sft x

  11. just an afterthought- not very High Viz....

  12. There is an ad just been on TV for some Bingo channel or other where slim people are dancing around with balls on their head. That just reminded me of your motorcycle helmet on your slim form!

  13. Ha ha, well done.
    27 years old, that's vintage - it might be worth a bob or two now!

  14. That gear is very nearly as old as me! You have looked after it very well, it all looks in good condtion and how great that it still fits!

    I just wanted to say thank you for you kind wishes on my last post. This door opening was very unexpected but desperately needed and was just what I needed to remind me there is always hope, that things can change when you least expect it!

  15. Came across this a moment ago. It's quite funny, poor guy got a ticket for riding his bike...not in the bike lane.

  16. but the NY policeman was wrong!

  17. You're right he was wrong. You do not have to stay inside a bike lane. Bikes are legally entitled to occupy traffic lanes if the rider determines that to be the safest course. I'd like to see that NY police offer run a bicycle for a week in New York and see if his attitude changes any. ;-)


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