Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Some of my old, ooops, vintage stuff

Vintage seems to be the buzzword at the moment, all of a sudden everything is vintage, whereas before, the term was only applied to certain things. Vintage cars, wine, furniture, now anything that is old is vintage. People are buying old stuff because it's been rebranded and now everyone wants it.

I have been looking through my old, oops sorry, vintage stuff. I have quite a lot of it in my house, not that I am a collector or anything, it's stuff that I have owned for a long time, and might as well keep hold of it.

I was using this Braun hairdryer when I was in my twenties, and it's still going strong, although I don't use it very much now. I let my hair dry naturally these days, thus saving on the electricity.

My matching cutlery has got to be 37 years old, and guess what, it was all free. I was a driving instructor at the time and used a lot of petrol. The garages were giving away vouchers with every gallon and I cashed them in for knives forks and spoons. Even then I was always on the look out for a bargain ha ha.

I think they should stop making and importing cutlery, surely there is enough of it. You only need to buy it once and it can get passed onto the next generation. It's not as if it wears out or anything.

I bought this now vintage table lamp for my mother. When she died nearly 30 years ago I had it back. It is still going strong and used daily in my bedroom

And here is another use for a vintage ironing board that I no longer use for ironing because I dont iron any more. Makes a great bedside table, just the right height. The old wind up clock is level with my head on the pillow so I only have to glance sideways to tell the time. Perfect.

How many ladies have got their bikini from 40 years ago and can still get into it, ha ha. I can't remember the last time I wore it in public though. I am not a sun worshipper any more since they started telling us it was bad for us, and I never go to the swimming baths, I cant swim. I shall keep hold of this though, perhaps wear it to my funeral, ha ha.

My first microwave is still going strong. It's a huge great thing that weighs as much as a big slab of concrete. I had it in my first house in about 1978.

My vintage Thermos flask comes out from time to time, I used it a lot when I was working nights. Cup of coffee to keep me awake. I bought one of those modern steel ones with a stupid push up and down pouring spout on it. I didn't like it, couldn't clean it properly so I binned it. Why change something when the original design works just as well.

I've got enough towels and bedding to last me the rest of my life. Some of these were given to me, but a lot are donkeys years old. They last well with me because I don't thrash them to death in the washing machine.

Remember these? My first suitcases when I left home, blimey they are old, about 44 years to be precise. To think I used to lug these about. This is one item that has greatly been improved over time. I do have a modern version with wheels. Perhaps I ought to keep these in case I move again, or maybe an antique shop will buy them off me.

And just for Eileen M, I will leave you all with a smile, here is a pic of my lunch today. An enchalado wrap thingy sprinkled with grated cheese and microwaved. Baked spud in the micowave cut in half with a cherry for the eyes. Salad leaves from my box in the garden, peach slices, and baked beans.

I shall be off to Hull in the morning on the bus, to do a bit on BBC Radio Humberside, at 10.30am if you are anywhere near to pick it up. Not scrimping this time, we are talking about Truck Stops. It will be a bit of fun. You will probably be able to listen later on the BBC website, but maybe not outside the UK.


  1. It's great that so many of you old, sorry vintage, things are still working! I find new flast with their push down lid things really annoying and am on the look out for an old fashioned one with a screw off lid, they are much better!

    Oh, and about the A5 - I know of two truck stops around the Four Ashes / Cannock / Wolverhampton area that are still going, If I recall correctly, one is called the Hollies.

    I've been trying to write a post for ages but blogger won't allow me to put photos in - how come it let you?!!

  2. Oh you are a hoot Ilona. Will you lie in state for all your friends and admirers to file past, stifling their giggles as they suddenly spot the deceased is in a pink bikini LOL
    Not for many years yet tho, eh?

  3. You should donate that bikini to the V & A

  4. Love your sense of humour, re the funeral bikini!!!you make me giggle Ilona!!!

  5. Keep the suitcases just for storage! Some people store things in them, stack them up, and then set a lamp on top. I only wish I could wear my bikini from 44 years ago! What is V&A? Keep that too! I love your plate of food.

  6. V & A = Victoria and Albert Museum, it's in London :o)

  7. That food face gave me a laugh. And, by golly, I needed a good cheering up today.

  8. Ha Ha, Ilona you are hilarious. Thanks for the beautiful food face. He even looks a bit like Giuseppe Arcimboldo !!!

  9. Mean Queen, the original home of the happy meal!!
    Jane x

  10. Love the lunch! You flog the suitcases for a fair amount of cash x

  11. you really are hilarious! You could get money for some of that stuff on ebay but then you would have to buy it all again anyway. It's such a good point, why do we reinvent functional things? It's daft when you think about it.

  12. Some of the old electrical stuff seems to go on forever. Our last fridge/freezer and TV were both 27 years old when we had to replace them, but I doubt the new ones will last anywhere near as long.
    I've never seen a hairdryer like that - hasn't it got a handle?

  13. Hang on...I'll just stop laughing about the bikini! I probably have a few of those items packed away in a box somewhere. The mice are probably making a nest in them by now.
    Shame I can't hear about the truckstops. There's been many a time I've thought about putting a sign on our house for Petal so he remembers where he lives. Another weekend alone for me ....sigh! Maa

  14. My refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer all lasted 30, 31,and 32 years, respectively. The man laughed when I bought the washer, saying I HOPE you don't expect THIS one to last 30 years! So far, the only one of the new ones that have needed repairs is the washing machine,after 13 years. My hair dryer certainly did not last as long as yours! Thanks! I have things that could well go in V&A.

  15. Hi Little Blue Mouse, No it hasn't got a handle, it's like a tube. I did have a brush and a comb attachment which fitted on the end, but they wore out ages ago.

  16. I'm still here and now looking through all the posts - hubby went out four hours ago and I am still reading the same blog. Loving the idea of the funeral bikini. The suitcases look oh so familiar as when mum moved into sheltered accommodation hers went to the charity shop


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