Saturday, 25 June 2011

How do you like your sausages, burnt to a crisp?

A little bit of excitement to start the Burton in Bloom village fete today. I didn't have to go far, just to the end of my road, which made the job easy. I used my trolley to move the tables and stock onto the green. When I arrived I found everyone had abandoned the site and taken cover behind cars, buildings, and hedges, the barbeque was blazing merrily away, don't know if anyone had thrown some burgers on it at this stage, ha ha. Apparently there was a gas leak around the top of the bottle, and it was thought best to abandon ship and call the fire brigade.

Keeping well back in case of possible explosion. It was roaring like the sound you get from a hot air balloon. I thought any minute now it's going to blast a thousand pieces of hot metal all over the place.

Here they are, hosepipes at the ready, what shall we do now lads? They stood around looking at it. A few sausages would be nice.

Well I reckon some of those Petunias would look nice in my patio pots, might ring the wife to see if she wants me to bring some back.

What's it doing now Joe, are them sausages done yet?

I think we can say goodbye to the sausages, they're burnt to a crisp.

There she goes, she's keeled over, still blazing though. Wonder if we ought to do something? Nah, leave it a bit longer, we might get some overtime in.

Aye up the backups here, no sweat lads, we'll go over and have a look in a minute. Don't think you'll be needed.

Eventually they put on breathing aparatus and doused it with water. Then they got the thermal imaging camera out just to check, then more water. Then we were allowed back on to the site.

Once we were set up it wasn't long before we had attracted a crowd around our stall. That's Janet on the left looking away, and Sue chatting up the customers.

By now they are throwing money at us, we have some great bargains.

People are gathered around the little ones for the judging of the fancy dress competition.

They were so excited, I wonder who has won.

I never did get to find out, but they all got some sweeties.

Oh well, that's the end of the barby then :o(

No it isn't we've got another one, ha ha. You can have your burgers after all.

The Teddy Bears Picnic was a great success.

Janet treated us to some scrumptious WI scones. That's Womens Institute for anyone reading this outside the UK. They are well known for their fantastic baking.

The local history group has a lot of followers here. They always seem to find old photos which have been hidden away for years, then they bring them out and everyone comes to inspect hoping to see some of their ancesters. As you can see, it's heads down, looking for Aunty Maud or Uncle Cyril.

The Allotment Association was busy. We have only had allotments here for about a year, and everyone seems to be doing well with their growing.

The smallholding from up the road always bring their flowers, don't they look a pretty picture. They always sell a lot.

Well that's it for another year. I've just had a phone call from Sue, we have taken the grand total of £109, which we are well chuffed with. All we need to do is find homes for the cats we have, so we can take in some more. Our next fundraising event is next month, when we have a stall at Jerry Green's Dog Rescue open day. Now we need to collect some more stuff to sell.


  1. Well done on the amount raised for the 'kitty' kitty. Just called hubby in to look at the exterminated dalek....I mean dead Barbeque. We are both in hysterics!!!
    Jane x

  2. A fundraising opportunity was missed there, Ilona. The Fire Brigade should have been asked to give people rides on the engine for a small fee, while they were waiting for their sausages! Coulda made a fortune!!

    I love Summer Fetes, a great day out and a lovely way to make money for good causes.

  3. Well done with the fund raising, great result. I wiss I could have come and supported you. It looks as if you had some good weather too.

    I find the gas barbies a bit scary, now I see why !!!

  4. What a great day and it looked like the weather co-operated.
    Hope you find homes for the kittys.
    Excellent fund-raising !

  5. I love your remarks with the pictures! What were you selling in your booth.

  6. Maybe a new post on the teddy bear picnic if it is involved? I don't think I know what you mean.

  7. Hi PP. There is a song which goes, 'If you down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise,' then it goes, 'Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.' So, it's children taking their teddy bears and their picnics and laying it out on the grass, to enjoy with their friends. A bit of a party atmosphere.

    We were selling bricabrac, that's anything donated which can be used by someone else. People have a sort out and give us stuff, as well as our own stuff. It's a bit better than a car boot sale type stall, we had quite a lot of new items, and a better class of stuff. A good way of recycling.

  8. What a brilliant Summer Fete, complete with some very English drama thrown in! I love the way that these events draw small communities together. Ours will be in early August.

    A good result for your charity stall. The cats will eat well now!

  9. What a brilliant amount to be raised on your event. I`m sure that this will be going to be used very wisely for all the poor pussies looking for a new home. Shame about the failed BBQ.

  10. Delighted to hear about the amount you raised for the kitty cats, well done! It certainly looks like a good time was had by all despite the BBQ incident. Pleased the weather was nice for you too. The captions you put with the pictures made me giggle. Glad the day went well, and nobody went hungry despite the BBQ incident. Cheers x

  11. So glad that you had good weather and a successful and enjoyable day. You must be very pleased with the amount raised. Congratulations!

  12. Hi! Your post did make me laugh! I live in France selling books, and one year we were doing a sale in a hotel that caught fire. After we eventually got the French pompiers to come (no signal on the mobile so we had to waylay a passing cyclist to raise the alarm) 3 fire engines turned up very promptly. We then had to wait while they all kissed each other, discussed when they had last met up, smoke a fag and inspect the hotel owner's veggie plot...It was like something out of a farce. However, when they finally got going they were extremely brave, up on the roof, taking off the roof tiles to saw away at a few burning timbers. Needless to say, when they had finished, the owner was then obliged to crack open a couple of bottle of champagne for an apperitif - it was Sunday morning! Lovely blog by the way...and well done for raising the money for your event!

  13. Great post and well done on the fundraising.
    twiggy x

  14. Looks like an excellent day was had by all (except the poor cremated barbeque).

    Well done on the amount of money you raised, that will feed the little pussys for a while.

    Sue xx

  15. Perhaps someone asked for a Hot Dog ???


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