Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A life of learning

Good morning.
Sue G posted a comment, for which I thank her, on the last post but one, 'Hello again.' I did reply but I have been considering her words and think a longer reply is needed. She says, "I couldn't understand why you went to Blackpool in the first place, it seems very out of character to your normal nice outings,"

It was the last half of the sentence which started the little wheels in my head in motion. Sue has been following my blog for a while so she has built up a picture in her mind as to the type of person I am, as most people will have. I am a little perturbed that I may have built up a personna of being normal, so if I do anything out of the ordinary it is seen as out of character.

I actually strive to be different. I follow my instincts, and I relish the idea of peaks and troughs in life, so my character tells me to do things which are not normal. I don't like things that are on an even keel, and can't stand repetition which I see as stagnant, going nowhere, and boring.

But what is normal? When Sue says, 'normal nice outings', I take that to mean where I have been many times before and where I will probably always go. This concerns me a bit because it infers that I am becoming predictable, and I don't like that. She expects me to go somewhere nice, and in character, and when I do the opposite it puts a spanner in the works. It's good that she questions my actions.

So why did I go to Blackpool? Throughout my life I have never been blinkered, I have never gone in the same direction as the masses, preferring to make my own way and make my own decisions. I have a hunger for learning although I am not very well educated. I have a need to understand different situations, to understand why, how, what, when, never to take anything at face value and always question. And the best way to do that is put yourself into different situations, places where you would not normally enter. The curiosity in me tells me I need to find out and understand.

Do not be afraid of stepping into the unknown, you don't know what it will be like till you get there. If things don't work out how you expect then move on. Life is very much like a journey. If the road ahead is long and straight and boring, then turn off, divert, try a new route, explore pastures new.

The green tranquil countryside is where I love best, but to always go there and not try anything different would be boring. That's why I like to visit cities as well, to experience the contrast. Because looking at contrasts means learning, and my eyes and ears are open to all.


  1. Also, I think that going to somewhere like Blackpool, with it's run-down commercialism and rampant teenage drinking problem makes us enjoy all the more the unspoilt and cared for countryside of our green and pleasant land.

    I used to love the place until I visited it with some American relatives and saw it through different eyes, (they enjoyed it, just seeing it as a 'quaint little British attempt at Vegas').

    We need to keep our minds open to the new and the challenging, as you do, if we are to stay fresh, and enjoy life and all it has to offer fully.

    Sue xx

  2. What wonderful advice. I love your attitude.

  3. Ilona, you said you were not educated - what is education anyway? It means a piece of paper that very often is not utilised. Your curiosity, hunger for information, quirkiness and resourcefulness would have gone a really long way had you had this so called education. However, you may not have been the person you are now!

  4. Ilona, I totally agree with you. I'm always telling Twiglet don't be afraid to be different, he is only 6 an already does not follow the crowd. He doesn't like football for example so feels absolutely no inclination in pretending he does, just does his own thing :) The greatest thing we can do is have the confidence to follow our own path. It's not always the easy way through life but it's the most interesting. Good on ya!!
    Twiggy x

  5. It took me until I was about 40 to realise that my life was just that...mine..and I had to live it the way I saw fit, and that meant following my instincts and not fitting into the norm as most people see it, and not caring one bit!
    That's why I like blogland, we can find like minded people.
    Jane x
    PS Where are you taking us next?

  6. Hey MQ, love your outlook me dear, oh and I've didn't once think of you being 'normal' ;o)

  7. 'and I've didn't'? bugger my diction....

  8. Well said Iiona. It does everyone good to step out of everyday "normality" and do or go somewhere completely different. You have such an enquiring mind and look at life from so many different angles. Surely that is what education is?

  9. You are SO right ! My in laws are cultural snobs and refused to go to Disney World when we were in Florida or the Eden Project when we were in the West Country (or on the London Eye for that matter) I love so many different places and always stay open to all sorts of experiences but so many people get narrower with age just preferring what they think they will like. Big mistake. Blackpool is iconic even though it is brash and kitschy and it grew from a northern culture so is interesting how it developed and learn a bit about the history of it.
    The only thing that I cant seem to tolerate is very loud modern pop music but that is something I will have to work on.

  10. Totally loved this post Ilona, its normal for most people to do the same in life and follow the masses. Im glad that you refuse to follow the norm. Its so often the case people plod along following like sheep cause its often easier and have also done it myself! Its refreshing to read your outings and that u can make the most of life.

  11. I echo all the sentiments of the above comments.Its much more fun to try different experiences, life is too short. As for you saying that you are not educated Ilona, well maybe not on paper, but life experiences are just as educational and valuable. Dont put yourself down. Sally

  12. What a well put response! I like your idea of earning new things, and the notion of life as a journey. Your blog is so inspirational, never boring, and always with new things to read. Keep doing what you do best. The majority of us readers love that variety!


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