Friday, 7 December 2012

Freebies in town

I went off to town this morning to get my ears tested. It's always difficult to park near the hospital so I park at Sainsbury's and walk the fifteen minutes to the out patients department. The nice young lady showed me the results of the test on the screen, my hearing has deteriorated a little bit since the last test four years ago, so she is going to get me a new hearing aid. That will be good, all free of course. It will take about ten days.
As I was on that side of town I drove down the High Street and delivered my load of no longer needed stuff, to the Hospice Shop. They were chuffed. I popped to a couple of shops for a few bits and bobs. It was busy as usual for a Friday. A lot of music outside the bank caught my attention. What's going on here then? They have recently had a refit and this is the official opening. It's all posh inside now. The counters don't have glass screens any more, it's all open plan. Don't know what would happen if a robber rushed in with a gun, seems a bit too laid back for my liking. Spose they know what they are doing.
There was free balloons for the kiddywinks, and the ladies with the bags were dishing out free biscuits and jelly beans, very nice.
I went inside to withdraw some cash. Would you like some hot chocolate, this young lady asked. Thank you, I like free drinks, I replied.
Oooh look, there is my blog award trophy, must get a pic of that. Nice of you to get it out for the presentation. How did you know I was coming? Say's me thinking out loud, ha ha.
There was a nice young lady with a camera taking everyones picture, and by the time you walk to the back of the shop it is printed and ready for collection, free of course.
Boy was it flippin cold. Let me get back home and put my layers on. Toodle pip.


  1. Your hair looks nice in that photo, did you make that shoulder bag too?

    1. Thank you. It's my hairdresser you know, she's great. Always cuts it how I like it, no charge, and she colours it once every two months for 50p. Best hairdresser in town :-))
      No, I didn't make the bag but it would be easy to copy it. I bought it from the Hospice Charity Shop for £1.00

  2. Lovely photo of you! You look much younger than your age.

  3. Our banks are all open plan here.
    If I squint,I think I can see your name on the trophy!
    Jane x

  4. That's a lovely photo, Ilona. Anne (South west)

  5. Thank you bonsaimum and Anne. The bag cost £1.00 from a charity shop. I bought it because I like the bright colours. A bit of cheerfulness in the gloomy winter.

  6. Great photo! I hate shopping at this time of year, people go crazy and the demonstration of materialism and greed is shocking!

  7. I am avoiding the town as it is completely mental now until after the date we cannot mention lol

    Nice photo Ilona, I am so pleased that Barclays made me change my bank account a while back because I now don't pay them any charges so I'm not paying to give away hot chocolate, balloons, jelly beans and biscuits :-/

  8. Glad that your hearing test went okay, and that you'll be getting a new hearing aid soon.
    Nice photo with "your" trophy.

  9. Lovely photo of you and I like the bag very much. Nice and bright for a winter day. Still enjoying your blog very much.
    Sandy in NZ

  10. Hi Ilona, I think a lot of banks now are open plan, with no screens. My local bank is open plan also with no screens, they recently had a refit and have installed large screened cash machines. My boys were receiving a good rate on their bank accounts up until about September this year just before the refit, then it plummeted to 1% from 6% so I closed their accounts. Great photo of you with the Barclays Trophy. Glad to hear that your hearing test went ok and, your hearing hasn't deteriorated too much. You'll be all sorted just before the 25th, so that's good. The colour you put in your hair is perfect, not too harsh, suits your skin colouring just right. I'd have been there for the free hot chocolate too, not much into coffee or tea. Cheers for now, Christy.

  11. Gosh, you are wrapped up well. I just checked the temperature in your area and boy it is COLD!. Stay warm.

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