Saturday 15 June 2013

My new second hand boots

Hey, what do you think of these then, bobby dazzlers aren't they. I thought they were fab when I spotted them on the shelf at the hospice charity shop today. They looked comfy, broad fitting, and my size, so I tried them on. Perfect, my mind was made up in super quick time, at only £3.50 I had to have them. Will be nice to wear them in the summer, instead of my usual brown or black boots. Can't wait to show them off.    
Looking further along the shelf I found these. Hmmm, I wonder if they will fit, tried them on, yep, they will do nicely. I have a battered and leaking pair which are falling apart, I need to throw them out, these will be a good replacement, and at £5, I think they are a good price. They haven't had much wear, and will last a couple of years.  
I didn't go in the shop for boots, I was looking for a blue sweater for Barry, he has joined the bowls club and needs to wear the same colour as everyone else in the team. I didn't find one, as it's a bit out of season, plenty of shirts and tee shirts, but no sweaters.
I may not have time to do a post tomorrow as I'm going to be busy all day at the party. I'll be back on Monday with the third day of the Lincolnshire Wolds trip. Have a nice Sunday, and lets keep our fingers crossed for sunshine.
Toodle pip.


  1. Nice boots, especially the walking boots! Well done!

  2. Low mileage, one careful owner.

  3. Aren't charity shops the biz! x

  4. What great finds! I do hope you have many lovely walks in them. I have a question: Have you ever made your own bread and have you a decent recipe?

    1. Hello e. No I have never made my own bread. I don't use my oven at all, don't have a breadmaker, and can buy bread as cheaply as 20p or 30p a loaf, (wholemeal and multigrain). I don't want to spend the time or the money making it.

  5. Isn't it brilliant when something you really need is just sat there waiting for you in the charity shop, shame about not getting the jumper though....another day perhaps. They are both really good boots :-)

  6. Good boot the pink ones..very jazzy!

    Hope you have a nice sunshiney day for the party. Enjoy.


  7. As you know I am a lover of funky footwear :-)

    Have a great party!

  8. These boots were made for walking!!
    Loved your new summer boots...quite eye-catching.

  9. I love the boots - such good bargins!

    I found a complete box dvd set of all the Blackadders and all the extra bits last week - for £5. Looked unplayed!

  10. I have to give it to you, Ilona--you've got style! You could dye your hair pink to go with the pink and gray pair!! Great deals.

  11. Groovy, baby! What a bargain! You know how much I love hot pink when I'm out walking! x

  12. What fantastic shoes! Those pink ones would be ideal to go to a disco in. Or you could wear them for your keep fit sessions, lol. Great find on those walking boots, too!! Hope they last you a fair while, as you do a lot of walking.

  13. I'm reading from the beginning, I recognise those boots from your photo on the sidebar! Karen


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