Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sunday - WWII day

Hiya, I've a bit of catching up to do, so I'll post these photo's from the WW11 Sunday event which was organised by the Heritage Group and took place at the bottom pub down the hill. I was a little bit late in getting there, so I didn't get a good view of the Spitfire flypast. I could see it in the distance from my front garden though, and I could certainly hear it.
A lot of people had turned out for this event, not just villagers, but people from the town and the surrounding villages as well. It seems to be getting quite popular. There was a long queue to get into the pub for a drink. I missed the jet ski stunt team, and the water ski display, my main purpose of going down there was to visit the 1939 house, but never mind, this is what I did see. 
The Super Sloop Spider T was in attendance. This boat was first launched in 1926 and was rescued from a watery grave. It is normally moored at Keadby, a few miles up river, but comes out from time to time when her owner Mal Nicholson takes her for a spin. Last year he took her down to London where he joined the flotilla on the Thames for the Queens Jubilee. Spider T was recently featured in a BBC programme about the River Trent. You can still get River of Dreams, with Tom Fort, on the BBC iplayer catchup.  
Spider T has a web site if you are interested in learning more. There are some photo's of the interior, it has been renovated to a high standard, and looks fabulous, have a look here.
And if you want to hear the story about how Mal came to buy the boat, there is a short video on yootoob, the man himself speaks, it's very interesting.

Right, back to Sunday. Here we have the NAAFI tent. Refreshments and food available.
The RAF Sea King rescue helicopter flew over a few times.
Some people were dressed up in the style of the forties.
And a performance of war time songs went down very well.
A few old cars like this were on display.
All in all what with the house to look at as well, it was a lovely afternoon.


  1. Looks like a great day! I initially read your first sentence as 'World War eleven' and thought, gosh, I really ought to catch up with the news sometime, I've missed loads! ;P

    It seems the event was not only great to look at, but entertaining and informative as well. I love things like that!

  2. Thankyou for sharing your day out Ilona!

  3. I'd enjoy that...but fly pasts always make me teary.
    Jane x

  4. I love the three couples in their 40s-style garb. They look quite natural and not like "dress up" - just comfortable, nice outfits for a pleasant day trip.

  5. That looks fantastic :-)

  6. I would like to thank the organizers and the people who attended this event for the superb welcome and fantastic day we had sail training with the Spider T. Here is a link to a film I hope you will enjoy, please share.

    Best wishes

    Mal Nicholson