Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The 1939 house, last few photo's

If you've got this far with the 1939 house, well done, you are near the end now. Here are the last few photo's. The sideboard in the front parlour.  
This looks like one of the first Hoover Junior's to come off the production line. I'm not sure if it is still in use, the bag looks empty, I suspect Joanna cleans the floors with a brush and pan.

Don't you think this fireplace has a lot of character, and looks so much more interesting than the awful modern ones we have today. This has a homely feeling about it.

A few old coins. I found a farthing and a halfpenny in my drawer, which I gave to her to add to the collection. 
Oh my word, an old Ewbank carpet sweeper.
This is unusual, not a clock, looks like a barometer. Feel free to put me right if you know better.
I remember these 3D pop up greeting cards. There were the sort you want to keep forever.
Thanks for coming on this 1939 journey, so pleased I took the time to take the photo's and post them here, a lovely record of my visit. If I have any more news from Joanne I will pass it on here. I would like to visit again, and discover a bit more of her unusual lifestyle.
Thank you Heleng and Manchester Lass for mentioning Time Warp Wives. I was going to say I will have a look at that, but half an hour later I have just finished watching it. I really ought to be somewhere else, but hey ho, I'm retired, my time is my own, I can do what I like. Here you go, have a look for yourselves.
I've got blog posts coming out of my earholes at the moment. The Forties Day photo's from Sunday are yet to be posted, and yesterday I had a day out at Sleaford, so there's more there to write about. Now, I'm off to do a bit of gardening for Helen, so Toodle pip till tomorrow.


  1. The brown skirting, the fireplace and the side board were exactly how our house looked we when we moved in!
    I enjoyed seeing inside this quaint home.

  2. I have enjoyed touring the 1939 house with you....a blast from the past.
    I also enjoyed the Time warp Wives...thanks for posting.

  3. Really enjoyed your trip round the 1939 house and thanks for the link to Time Warp Wives. Never heard of it and loved watching it.

  4. I've rather enjoyed this house series! It really was like stepping back in time.

  5. I have a carpet sweeper that looks like that exact one. It is amazing! I bought a newer one in Wilkinson. it lasted only about 6 weeks. and back to the ewbank. Things were made to last when mine was built

  6. Brilliant.
    Love from Mum

  7. Thank you for your photos and for the tv show link which I remember watching on tv at the time. They do love their lives but sad about there being no children to,live it too but understand what they mean about not being able to cope. Good luck to them all but I couldnt do it but you could still try and follow the morals of the time couldnt you?

  8. Wonderful trip to 1939. I enjoyed the photos.
    I can't wait to read about your trip to Sleaford as my brother and his family live there and we have been a few times. We have enjoyed the walk along the canal a couple of times and a visit in the old water mill amongst other things.

  9. That video of Time Warp Wives was certainly interesting...and I also liked the last of the photos. I wish I could ask my Nana what she would think, as she was a young wife in 1939. Today would be her one hundredth birthday, if she were still amongst the living. I hope you enjoyed your day out.

    1. Me too, e. Of course when I was younger my nan's stories were boring but how I wish I'd listened more because I am really fascinated with that period now.

  10. Hi Ilona, what an fascinating house. The furniture reminds me of my gran. No chipboard, MDF or flatpack furniture in her house! Everything was built to last, not like things today. My mum still uses some of the furniture now. I remember gran had one of those vacuum cleaners too and what a racket it made when she used it. Take care, Ed.

  11. Hi Ilona
    I've loved these posts on the 40's. so many things in the pictures and film that I can identify with. lol
    Hope the little dawg is okay

  12. What a wonderful video, I thoroughly enjoyed watching that, now I'm off to make some bread, the modern way with my Kenwood :-)


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