Monday, 31 October 2016

Grange over Sands day 3

Hello. It was a lovely sunny morning on the last day of my hols. I did think about setting off back home after checking out of the hotel, but then thought, shame to waste a day, I'll go and have a little bimble. I walked along the coastal path towards town.
 The duck pond in the park was full of birds chattering away as they scavenged for food. The little girl was quite overwhelmed by them all as they came close to her.

I strolled around the gardens and saw this wonderful tree, isn't it gorgeous. It's a Metasequoia glyptostorboides, or a Dawn Redwood if you want an easy name, quite a rare tree in the UK apparently. Read about it here.  I stopped to chat with the man seen in the picture, who was sketching the trunk. He is an artist and lives in a cottage just across the road from it. 

 I set off up Windermere Road road looking for a footpath to take me into Eggerslack Wood, and caught up with three people and their dog going in the same direction. I went ahead of them for a few minutes then came to a junction where several paths met and wasn't sure which one to take. Luckily the walkers caught me up and pointed me in the right direction. From then on I went ahead and stopped for a minute, and they caught me up again. It was handy having someone with local knowledge to chat to, we ended up getting to the top together.

Almost there, keep going.

Just over the top of that last rock on the horizon.

And this is what you find when you arrive at the top of Hampsfell. The Hospice was built in 1846 as a shelter for travelers. There are some pictures of it on this site. And some more here. 
On the top of the tower in the middle is a dial, the arrow can be pointed in any direction and the corresponding numbers can be seen on this list to indicate whereabouts all the places are.

Some of the views from the top. A little bit hazy in the distance.

Time to set off back down, my new walking buddies are going for lunch, and I have to get back to the car still in the hotel car park. That's Archie the dog by the way, he is lovely. We parted company ten minutes later and I followed a track past High farm, Spring Bank, and Grange Fell, down to the road.

My holiday was over and all I had to do was drive back. I was a bit sad to leave, it's a really nice area, with nice people, everyone was so friendly. I sent a text to Janet when I stopped for a break at Harrogate, giving her the eta of 7.30pm. And I was dead right, 7.30pm it was. The kitties were pleased to see me.

I took three of my pictures to the Arts Centre today. Judging takes place tomorrow to choose the ones for the Open Exhibition. Keep your fingers crossed, I hope they pick mine.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. more super photos. I hope you get into the exhibition

  2. A beautiful last day. The tree is stunning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you in the hope the judges choose your artwork.
    Can you please update my total mileage to 859. X

  3. Super trip and great photos. I expect good news about the exhibition. JanF

  4. Stunning photos again especially the Redwood beautiful trees.

    Hope you got into the exhibition.

    Hazel c uk

  5. What a beautiful area. I'm adding it to my list of places to visit in the UK.

    I hope that your artwork is selected for the exhibition.

  6. A beautiful landscape and great photos! Of course, the weather made it even better.
    I really hope your pictures get chosen. Actually, I`m quite sure of it.

  7. A lovely last day. The tree is absolutely stunning. I love the gnarled trunk and spotted a fern growing out from the trunk. The autumnal colour is beautiful. Glad you had such a lovely trip. Bet the cats are glad to have you home. Good luck at the art exhibition, fingers crossed for you.

  8. Really lovely photos, glad you had a good time. Good luck with your pictures. SueM

  9. Love your photos Ilona. I have a very old book about the Canadian Redwoods which belonged to my Father - in black and white, so the colour was amazing to see.

    Also - is "bimble" an Ilona word?

  10. The rock filled photos remind me of Ireland where you can't hardly take a step without it being on rock. Am enjoying your travels and travel tips as well. Unfortunately I can only afford to come over to the UK from Canada once a year - wish I lived there!

  11. It all looks so peaceful! I just returned from a four mile hike near Lake Superior. It's 64* here; unheard of for Nov. 1st. Not as many hikers as you saw…
    I'm sending in my monthly walking total. This month was 74, a bit better than average. (Less work now that Summer is over) I hope i can keep it up when i go visiting my family next week. Thanks, Ilona!

  12. What a beautiful tree and a great walk too. It looks like a nice area to spend a few days.

  13. A nice walking adventure for you indeed. It's always nice to talk with people while on vacation. Good stories to share and some laughter and hopefully it brightens their day as it does yours!


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