Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A nice hotel

Hello and Good Evening. Before I start, I just want to say, this is not a sponsored post, I paid £177 for my three night stay at the Abbot Hall Hotel. I treated myself, this is my reward for saving my pennies on my day to day living expenses. Anyone can stay in a nice hotel if they budget their finances accordingly. If people prefer to spend their money on pubs, eating out, smoking, boozing, electronic gadgets, designer clothes, new sofas, flash cars, then that's their choice. Unless you are very rich and can buy anything you like, it's prudent to prioritize on what is important to you. 
I took a few pics while I was there, I'll show you around. The hotel is set in extensive grounds, plenty of room to amble around, up a long drive to the large car park, hidden well back off the very quiet road, surrounded by trees. Occasionally you get the sound of a train passing by, the railway station is close by. There is a swimming pool in a separate building, plus some log cabins at the side of the main hotel. I didn't photograph those.

A large, light and airy dining room with windows looking out onto the lawns. Table set for breakfast.

Help yourself to a buffet style breakfast with lots of choice. Over on the other table is a hotplate with the cooked items, which are prepared fresh and replenished as and when needed.

Beautiful interior, stairs off the entrance lobby, leading up to some of  the bedrooms.

Three spacious lounges with comfortable seating. Relax, chat, read, or watch the television. Wifi available in the lounge areas. If the weather is miserable just stay in the warm.  

Coffee and snacks are served in the conservatory next to reception. 

This is a great place to stay, follow the link here to check it out. I see they have a special offer from today, until the 21st of December, £39 per person per night, for B & B and evening meal, minimum of two nights. I think that's bloomin good value.

Christian Guild have five hotels in total around the country, this one plus Gloucestershire, Devon, Cornwall, and Derbyshire, and it looks like they all have the same offer of £39. I think I might give some of them a try.

Thank you to those who have updated their walking miles. Don't forget, it's the end of October, only two more months to go of the challenge. Some have already completed the 1000 miles, so well done to you. Let's have one more push and bump up those miles. Just because the weather is getting cooler, that's not an excuse for giving up. Wrap up and put extra clothes on.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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  1. What a beautiful place to stay, we are the same don't smoke, don't go to pub's, live cheaply day to day, so we can have days out and holidays which we love.

  2. It does look very nice. We are the same in that we budget carefully so we were able to enjoy some time away ourselves last week. X

  3. Am still pounding the roads and fields Ilona.
    Am now on 858 miles.
    One of the things I contemplate as I walk is what happens after December 31st. A new year deserves a new challenge. Are you going to set us one?
    Taking up your suggestion this year has been a total revelation to me. I feel healthier, fitter and far more alert and positive that I did this time last year and mostly because of your challenge. Thank you so much, Sue.

  4. When you first posted the name of the hotel, I checked out their website and saw that they had a few other hotels around the UK. I bookmarked it. So I'm glad to hear your good report. Their prices sound very good especially since the evening meal is included.

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  6. Lovely, thank you for the photos.

    the rate (£39 per person per night, for B & B and evening meal) seems very very reasonable. Am surprised. Thought it would be much more. AND meals included.

  7. It looks lovely and with breakfast and dinner included in the offer it is really good value.

  8. Glad you had a bit of luxury while you were away. Looks nice!

  9. Loved your holiday treat. It's good to have one from time to time.
    It's 98 km for October.Have a nice month!

  10. I've enjoyed reading your three posts about Grange over Sands. The hotel looks really nice and I'm sure you enjoyed a little bit luxury and pampering whilst you were there. I budget my money too and love having a little extra now and then to do something extra special with. Rae x

  11. Hi Ilona, glad you had a nice holiday. My total mileage up to the end of October is 808. A bit below target but I've developed arthritis in my toe joint and walking is rather painful. I've just bought some shoes recommended by the podiatrist though and hopefully I should be catching up soon.

    1. Sally Just reading your comment about arthritis in one toe, would it be your big toe I wonder and are you taking cod liver oil capsules for your joints? If so stop taking the CLO for a while as it is known to give you a pain in your toe especially your big one. My dear friend George mentioned this to me after I suffered the same thing and I stopped the CLO for a while, pain now gone and back on CLO. Hope this maybe of some help Rae x

  12. It's lovely to share your travels, Great Britain is a beautiful country. It shows that you can appreciate the good things in life without being an obsessive consumer. Lovely photos Ilona.

  13. It looks lovely and what a lovely well deserved treat for saving all your pennies.

  14. I much enjoy and appreciate your photos and writings of your walking tours...

    Have you ever thought of collecting all your waling wanders up on a map/travel page? That way, if one was ever able to, they might be interested to duplicate some of your jaunts, and this would make it easier to hunt up the details/links..