Monday, 10 July 2017

Up and down the Dales, and a big hole.

Hello, how ya doin? I'm sitting here on my bed, watched a bit of TV, now switched it off to do this. I've done a longish walk today, can't check the distance exactly because Bikehike has gone off until tomorrow, but at a guess I'd say 12 or 13 miles. The day started off raining, I wanted to take a path alongside the river, but the long wet grass made it very uncomfortable, the bottom of my skirt was sopping wet in a few minutes. I retreated and found another route along a road. I thought it best to stay on tarmac while it was so wet on the ground. A couple of flowerpot decorations spotted on my way out of Settle.  

Juggling with my umbrella, map, and camera to take a picture of this pretty stone cottage.

The rain eased off, then started again, then eventually stopped. The road was very quiet, not much passing traffic. I love the shape of this tree.  
I followed the road through Stackhouse, and Little Stainforth, to Dry Rigg Quarry. I love quarries, fascinated by the way the layers are exposed as they dig deeper. There was a path especially built to a viewing area. It goes up the side of the big hole, and has an enclosure with a wall around it at the top. Can you see the machine in the bottom? The sound of it's hammer drill was echoing all around.

I came back down and continued on a path around the other side of it, and found a second viewing area, so here is another view. A truck went down into the bottom, and was waiting to be loaded.

The path took me down to Helwith Bridge, crossing the railway line. I followed it onto Moor Head Lane. I had a good view of the farmer coming along on his quad bike to round his sheep up, with the help of his dog. He moved them through the gate into the next field. 
Further along I did a right turn, up there onto the Ribble Way track. Not a soul about.

Well I thought I was alone till I came across a farmer feeding his sheep. They stood all around him as he was throwing their food in all directions. He said he did it like this rather than dumping great piles on the ground, to make sure they all got some.

Lovely views as I was coming down the hill to Stainforth. The weather is a bit better now, rain stopped, but not much sun. Not too hot either, a gentle breeze, just right for walking.

I knew you would want another selfie, ha ha.

Stainforth is a lovely little village. Here is the church, with very well kept grounds. 
From Stainforth I picked up the river, the one I was going to walk in the beginning. It should be ok now it has had a chance to dry out a bit. Over the bridge and a bit further along is Stainforth Waterfall.

The Packhorse Bridge is very narrow, there is a sign saying not suitable for caravans. I wonder how many have tried it, there is a caravan park close by. Perhaps that's the reason for the repair on the right hand side of the bridge, near the tree.

I followed the river all the way back to Settle, and picked up some supplies at the Co op before I went back to the B & B, arriving at 6.30pm. A good days walking, despite the drizzly start, the weather got better as the day went on.

I fancy a train ride tomorrow. There has been a rail strike over the last few days but it is supposed to be back to normal service tomorrow. I shall go to the Station in the morning and hope a train comes along.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. Quite a walk, and beautiful photos.

  2. The little flowerpot girl reminds me of you Ilona with her cap on - and farmer you met sounds a very kind man.It all looks as though you had another lovely day x

  3. Beautiful scenery.Even the quarry has a particular beauty.

  4. You choose such lovely routes to share with us. Enjoy your train ride. X

  5. Enjoyed my walk with you while having an early morning cuppa.
    Have another good day and hope you get your train ride.
    Hazel c uk

  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful walk. You are great with the photos. You have such memories this way. x

  7. Really enjoy your walks and photos, feels like chatting to a friend. You are very inspiring for other single ladies who aren't in the first flush of youth, keep it up for all our sakes!

  8. I do enjoy your holiday walks! You have the gift of making us all feel we've been there with you :)

  9. Lovely! Thanks for the tag-a-long. :)

  10. Always enjoy your holidays Ilona x I love the way you take photos of unusual things x enjoy x

  11. As a quite sad resident of the US, I especially value your posts, to remind me what really matters, and give me a tiny bit of hope for the future! And please, don't undervalue your selfies--to see a loving, open, honest face, enjoying the beauty around her is a gift to your readers. (Okay, that may be a bit OTT, but life in the US right now is very challenging for any decent person!) Keep on keeping on, Ilona. Best regards, Kate in Oregon

  12. Love the Flowerpot displays...i might even try doing one of those myself!,I just love looking at your holiday photos!,Debi,Leic,x


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