Friday, 14 December 2018

A taste of Christmas..........

.....this is all you are getting on this blog, just a taste. I took my camera out with me last night to take a few snaps of the decorations that people have put up. This one has gone over the top, all the windows have lights in them. It has the WOW factor as you approach it. 
Aaaaah, that's nice.

Some people must have had to climb ladders to reach up high to the roof.

Looks like a fairy grotto.

Oooooh, very posh, simple but nice.

This looks welcoming, come on in and have a mince pie.

Some have gone to town smothering bushes and trees in their front garden with millions of lights.

And this is the star of the show, it appears every year. Mind you, last year it was vandalized and the owners said they were in two minds whether to put it up again. Pleased they have, it looks lovely, I bet the children like it. This year it has a new addition, a singing dancing Santa.

A random snap because I felt like it. Tree overhanging the footpath, looks like it has snow on it, but that's the flash lighting up the branches.

So that's my three mile walk in the dark. Something nice to look at while I am plodding along. I've just totted up my miles, 18 days left, and 47 left to do. It's looking doable.   ilona


  1. Great for the kids but I prefer the branch of the tree, lol

  2. I do like to see the lights but the last pic is my favourite. I have some lights in the house but none outside where I can not see them once the curtains are drawn.

  3. I think its lovely that people do that, its for the benefit of other people after all, they can't see the lights from inside their homes.
    However, I wouldn't want their electricity bills !

  4. Your photos are lovely Ilona.When people go to all this trouble it is so nice to be able to stand and admire it all.There are alot more round where I live that have trimmed up their houses this year and its lovely to see.Im afraid Id be too worried about the electricity bill to do it my self!!.My Daughter did it with a snowman and a christmas tree one year when the grandkids were small,but some....person...cut the wires and nicked them.It broke my heart for her because she had saved hard to buy them.And if I had caught the person who did it,it would have got me a criminal record!!xx

  5. I loved the branches best. I know some of the large houses displays the lights do it for charity. I have a wreath that my daughter has made me with lights on it.
    Hazel c uk

  6. I am not so keen on the outdoor lights but I love going for a walk early evening and seeing all the trees and lights inside peoples houses, really cosy and homely.

    1. You would love ours. We don't light up outside but inside looks stunning

  7. I think they look great and those colourful.ones remind me of evening walks at Skegness to see the alluminations and small displays- it seemed magical to me.At the moment the whole Christmas thing has got me in a tizzy-I've mislaid 3 small presents and had to rebuy and not even begun the cards.It all makes me so panicky.I just can't get organised x

  8. Thank you for a year of posts Ilona - I particularly like the feline friends posts. Looking forward to 2019. I know you don't make a big thing of Christmas so I send you wishes for good health and good times ahead.

  9. I'm with Briony and Hazel - just love the branch the most.

  10. I have the same amount of miles left too. Well done on catching back up :0)
    jacquie x

  11. I drove thru neighborhood the other week on my way home from work to see the lights. Not as many people doing it as much as years ago. Been chilly here and husband had a cold so nothing put out on Rhododendron bush this year. We do net light and people like it. No need for ladder climbing. Not good on his legs and feet while up there. Thanks for sharing your walk with Christmas lights!

  12. Great photos Ilona, thank you so much for sharing 🎄


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