Tuesday, 25 December 2018

What does a singleton do on Christmas Day.

I'll do a diary. I got up at 6.30 am, because I was awake and if I go back to sleep I have a fuzzy head when I wake up the second time. First things first, a mug of coffee. I sat at the dining room table looking out over the garden, and what did I see, Oscar was on the outside table looking in at me. He came in and I gave him his breakfast. Extra treat, some chicken on top of the Whiskas.

Heidi was on the window sill in the living room, ooops, she has been sick overnight. That happens when she finishes off any left over food which Oscar didn't eat the night before. Mayze had her breakfast in bed as usual, she has chicken. No sign of Micky, he had a bowl of food last night, in the house. It was freezing cold so I let him come in for half an hour to eat it.

Then I spotted Micky, he has taken over the cat shelter at the bottom of the garden, Oscar has been pushed out.

Two paracetamols, ribs still a bit sore. Porridge for my breakfast with frozen berry fruits. Text from Simplesista, a friend and blog reader from Bradford. That was nice, we will have to meet up again sometime.

10 am I went out for my walk, misty and cold, but walking at a brisk pace warmed me up. More people than normal walking about, everyone was smiling, saying Good Morning, and Merry Christmas. Friend walking their dog, a treat from my pocket was scoffed, the dog not the friend, ha ha. Kids out playing on their scooters up and down the street.

Ooops, missed a phone call while I was out so I sent a text back. Sister rang me, they have just arrived at Adams for the family Christmas dinner.

My lunch. Mushrooms, rice, and an egg, on a slice of seeded bread smothered in cream cheese. A glass of red wine, followed by a blueberry muffin.

12.30 pm, Take Scruff for a walk. He doesn't want to go far, in case his daddy comes back. I gave him his lunch which was in the fridge, and sat with him for a while. Watched a bit of tele. Not sure when Barry will be back, I'll go and check on him a bit later. Lovely dog.

2.30 pm, some shopping bags to cut out, want to shrink my stash of fabric.

I'll add more to this post later.

4pm. Cut nine shopping bags out, now having a coffee. All cats inside, Heidi sitting on top of a radiator, Mayze still in bed, Oscar on his chair having just scoffed his tea/dinner.

5 pm, no light on at Barry's so I went to check on Scruff. He beat me to it, just got back. Quick chat and back home. Micky saw me coming and met me at the front door. I normally feed him outside, but today he can come in.

Fed the other cats as well, all hungry again. Made my dinner, steamed veg, with mayo.

Angela sent message, come round if you like.

I am a dirty stopout, 10.50 pm, and I've just rolled back in. Wine was drunk, cheese and crackers scoffed, chocolate devoured. Nice night with a friend. Goodnight.  ilona


  1. Afternoon Ilona

    Merry Christmas to you and your furry band.

    Sounds as though you've had a chill-out day, so far. How nice that Christmas walkers greeted you with 'Morning, Merry Christmas'. We just about get that in our village (so long as they haven't got ear-plugs in and their head bobbing up and down!), usually older folks.

    I also need to reduce my fabric stash and am making bags. If I think they're any good will donate them. At least I'm creating something useful.

    Good luck with meeting your walking target.

    Best wishes


  2. Merry Christmas Ilona.

  3. Merry Christmas Illona.

    Glad you had a merry day :)

  4. Sounds like a nice way to pass the day.Dogs are such good company.Barbarax

  5. Merry Christmas! I do hope your ribs heal up soon, it’s not pleasant being in pain. Your day sounds lovely, i love how creative you are with your bags. And yes, a meet up is definitely on the cards! Enjoy your evening.
    Much happiness and brightness to everybody reading,xxx

  6. All this christmas nonsense will soon be over! Then a New Year to look forward to and cheer us up.
    Greetings from Annie (Sweden)

  7. It sounds like you are having a relaxing day with your furry friends. Merry Christmas from me in California. Did you read my post where I described the cat house I bought that has a heated floor, it heats in a few minutes when my kitty sits on it. Boy, she loves her new house.

  8. Into our 3rd year now - on Christmas morning my group of dog walkers meet on the Downs at a picnic table. We all bring food and drinks for both humans and doggies and tuck in and have fun chatting etc and enticing other dog walkers to stop by. Beautiful weather this morning, loads of people out with their dogs and wishing each other a Merry Christmas. Then we pack up and each goes off to wherever. A lovely way to spend Christmas morning. PS I don't actually have my own dog!!

  9. Merry Christmas Ilona and to your puddy cats and to all your friends here.I must say your garden looks like a paradise- mines a mud bath.I've had a day similar to any other day-walked my 3.Lovely lily in her snowflake bow,teddy bear with his holly neckerchief and naughty one with his reindeer coat.Teddy bear refused to wear it.These wrre all bought half price earlier in the year apart from 50p n cheif.I've eaten my yellow sticker salad and assorted salady pots today and made soup with the bags of vegs.I'm so enjoying my day being lazy xx

  10. hi ilona heidi mayze oscar and visitor micky = amys friend has just arrived benny gone out for a short time 3 cats today. like you we have had a peaceful day relaxing except for a bit of cooking and washing up. hope you are improving its nice to have some sewing to do my hobby is crocheting i follow you tube for tips. glad you have had a nice day with that beautiful dog and the fur babies. lots of love liz amy and benny.xxxx

  11. Merry Christmas, my two adult kids are over with us and we had a nice visit but they want to get going, no fun with the old parents now with no toys..had a turkey dinner and wine.No snow this year so able to get out for a pre dinner walk. Back to normal routine soon.

  12. Sounds like you had a nice Christmas and do hope your ribs are feeling and not quite so sore. My Day was nice had the family phone calls. My grand daughter took me to my daughters and I had a nice day with them and my S-in-L. We played a few games and watch the new Peter Rabbit film.
    Yes I agree your garden looks lovely and tidy.
    Hazel c uk

  13. Sounds lovely. Hope you'll have a wonderful new year as well. Oscar is a lucky cat to have found you.

  14. Merry Christmas...
    just ran across this, sending it on in case it is of interest on one of your "long walks"...


  15. Happy Christmas to you & your mogs!!

  16. There is no right or wrong way to spend Christmas. You did what you wanted to do which is great. Glad you had a lovely day.

  17. Christmas with fur babies and loves, food you chose and enjoyed, messages from those that care about you, and capping it off with a friend (and wine and chocolate)? Sounds like a lovely day, any calendar day of the year.

  18. A nice simple day. I hope you are feeling better now! x


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