Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Give us a tune.

Found these two on yoootooob, Terry and Brendan are both brilliant pianists. Sometimes they play together, and sometimes on their own. The pianos are at shopping malls and train stations. They dress in a variety of different disguises, the unsuspecting public think they are just random people stopping to knock out a tune. They must be making a fair bit of money from their videos.

Fantastic.   ilona


  1. It looks like St,Pancras station cause I go there alot and Ive heard some great sounds being played by just random people!.Its great to watch and Ive enjoyed the video!.I wish that I had learnt to play the piano.We used to have one in the front room where I lived,but I was only very young,maybe about 4 or 5 and Ive got a vague memory of it being sold and loaded on to the back of a van.I was too busy at dancing school to be bothered to learn how to play it.But I wish we had it now!,xx

  2. I would have thought they would be in trouble for impersonating Police Officers !

  3. Hi, last year you mentioned a jar to put in reminders of things done during the year. I just opened mine and had a good laugh, but of a cry reliving a great year. Many thanks for all your inspiration!


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