Saturday, 3 October 2009

My winter tonic

I noticed a bush heavily laden with elderberries last week and after passing it several times whilst dog walking, I finally remembered to take a carrier bag and a pair of scissors with me.

After stripping the berries from the stalks, I boiled them up in two big pans, adding a small amount of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice. When cooled I put the mushed berries through a sieve.

The sesame seed oil bottles I had been saving came very in handy for bottling the juice, and the excess was frozen in ice cube trays. I shall be adding it to other drinks, as I find the taste a little strange. The main reason for me making this is because it is good for me, so as long as it is palatable that's fine. Hopefully it will give my immune system a bit of a boost as we head towards the season of colds and flu.



  1. You can read my mind! We have heavily laden elderberry trees and I want to make some 'medicine' for the winter too. I don't suppose there is any way you could be more specific about the quantities you used is there? I want to experiement, but I wouldn't even be able to make a sensible guess as I've never used them before...

  2. Oh dear, my cookery is a bit slap dash see how it goes, I'm afraid. Never weigh anything. I added eight teaspoons of sugar and a few shakes of the lemon juice. I don't want to consume loads of sugar, so I guessed what I thought might be about right.

  3. Not to worry; I'm like that myself in the kitchen - your guidelines are great - thank you! I shall have an experiment and see how I get on :)


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