Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Another bimble near Hathersage

Eight of us set out from Leadmill Bridge on Sunday morning, it was a bit overcast so we were prepared for a spot of rain. Todays walk was heading southwest of Hathersage towards Offerton Moor.

Midge is enjoying himself playing fetch the stick.

The gang posing on the little stone bridge.

Today was a walk of allsorts of terrain. Through the woods......

along the lanes.......

through the bracken.......

over the moors past the sheep.....

and over the stiles.

Sometimes we had an audience. Baaaaaaa

And sometimes it was like trekking through the Amazon Rain Forest. We got a bit wet but not much. Ladies toilets to the left, Gents to the right, ha ha.

Now you see us......

Now you don't :o) The bracken was taller than us.

All day we had some fantastic views.

I've just noticed that I've got some of the photo's mixed up, I've split them in the wrong place, Midge wasn't with us on the Sunday. The second and third pics are from Saturday. Not to worry, that's what happens when you are not tracking your whereabouts on a map. I didn't know where I was half the time, ha ha. The day ended at about 4.30pm. I've had a great weekend, thanks to the



  1. Looks like a great weekend away. Just noticed your fab boys' pants header too! x

  2. Now that I know what bracken is, I will steer clear of it. Those are beautiful pictures. You should be a professional photographer. What kind of camera do you have?

  3. Hi PP, Walking through that bracken in shorts has given me itchy legs, boy did I get bitten, ha ha. The camera is a simple point and shoot Fujifilm Finepix J25, 10.0 mega pixels. I am experimenting with it.

  4. Great pictures, I'm starting to miss the countryside, a trip to mam and dad's should sort it out. Hope you didn't get bitten by any ticks on your walk. Tea tree oil or cream is good to keep in your medicine box. Check this link for info.


  5. ...my favourite picture of the ones above is the one of the sheep in the heather, great contrast of colours. You should enter some of your pictures into competitions. They're very good. Christy.

  6. There is such a variety of terrain, landscape and walking conditions within the immediate area of Hathersage - it's one of my favourite locations.


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