Thursday, 8 September 2011

Faceless millions

Go on, ask me, how am I getting on with 'let's face it, it's crap book'. I have aquired 17 friends, some I have known for a long time, and some I meet in the flesh from time to time. That's fine, a few quality friends are better than masses of virtual cyber friends. There are options of finding more friends, but can I be bothered, no probably not.

It's taken a while to discover how it works, and there are still parts of it that I haven't bothered to look at. I've put a few photo's on, but I don't play games full stop, so that's definately out. I don't make notes either, I have a real notebook and pen on my desk for that. I've just clicked on a button that says 'write a note', and I have a new clean pad on the screen. But who do I write a note to? On the left hand side there are links to browse notes, friends notes, notes about me, does that mean you can spy? Oooh yes you can, now I can read everyone's notes. No one has written any notes about me, phew, that's a relief.

Click on the News Feed on the Home page and you find a load of utter tosh. Friends of friends, of friends, people who I have never heard of and will probably never know in my entire life, chipping in with chitter chatter which is of no interest to me whatsoever. Most of it doesn't even make sense, some text speak, which is a lazy way of communicating anywhere else except on a mobile phone, and three word sentences which say absolutely nothing. Gawd, give me strength.

From now on, I am going to stick with my 'profile' page, which just shows when my friends communicate with me and I with them. I can't be doing with knowing what a million other people are up to, I am just not interested. Just because my 17 friends have a lot of friends themselves, does not mean they are automatically my friends as well, I DO NOT KNOW THEM !!! I'll give it a bit longer, but I may have to pull the plug on it.

Well that's got that off my chesticles, I feel better now, ha ha.


  1. "Gawd, give me strength"
    Now, THAT was a powerful sentance!
    Jane x

  2. I'm on face book too but it's a bit of a waste of time really I find! I have 12 friends, one of those is my sister and one Dave, and most of the others won't speak to me in the street if I walk past them. It's weird the way people just add everyone they have ever met! I also can't be bothered with games or updating my status or whatever but there is one thing I do like about it - I have 'liked' various organisations such as Friends of the Peak District, wildlife trust, derybyshire - things like that and then I get to see their updates and wall posts and find out about events going on or walks I might like and that sort of thing.

  3. I was on Facebook for about a month before I got tired of friend requests, from friends of friends of friends.... and I spent too much time playing pointless games or being invited by friends of friends to play pointless games - what a waste of time.
    I am no longer on Facebook :)
    Twiggy x

  4. Oh, I didn't know about the note thing, you've taught me something! I use it to keep up with family and friends who are no longer local to me and, as you do, I stick to my personal page. I don't play games, I don't answer questions and I don't send hearts and stuff and nonsense. I have stopped seeing what a lot of people are up to by clicking on the cross to the right of their names so I no longer know who got what level on which game. It's fine the way I have it but I don't have to check it every day.

  5. I completely understand your problem with Facebook. I think your logic is legit! I don't think I would have need for it if I were you. You do so much else that that it would seem to have little purpose for you. Betty White did a skit on FB about how silly it is, You might like to see it. Here is a link you can copy and paste it to your browser and click on it.
    I laughed a lot! Don't think I am comparing you. She is probably 20 yrs your senior. I think she is relevant for any age group. I just love her!

    for me FB is a way to keep up with friends while I am outside of the US, and while in the US with friends in Serbia. It is a great tool for me. before my blog, I posted my letters about Serbia on FB. and it was great all my friends could read them at their leisure. I don't post notes now I have the blog. What is the point?

    IF facebook is note for you, hop off and don't bother. I think your life is exciting enough, and lots of the people on FB are losers like Betty White says. ;)

    Sorry, this windbag has written a letter not a comment. Have a great day!

  6. FB for me is just to keep incontact with family who live far away, as it is fee to communicate with them, expecially those in America, I can share photos of the children with them. you can chage your settign so you only see freinds and only friends can see you. everything else on there i ignore

  7. keeping in contact with family here too, and keeping the business going.
    You can set your privacy to Friends, not Friends of Friends, by going to account at the top rh corner and clicking on privacy, then setting as you wish, who sees what.

  8. In our house we call it Faceache and no we don't bother with it. Tried it once, got inundated with rubbish and as a result, much prefer blogging.

  9. Damm it, I just tried to post a reply and it has disappeared into the ether! Take what you want/need from FB and ignore all the rest. Ali.

  10. I'm not particularly keen on Facebook, just use it really to message my pal as she prefers it to Twitter, and to post up occasional things. Some people I know call it A***book I have around 30 friends of which I interact with about 3 or 4 on a regular basis, the rest I hear from occasionally. I like Twitter just mainly for news items, as everything is on Twitter before it is anywhere else so quicker than Sky News for the latest breaking news. Other than that, I don't bother too much with Social networking sites. Regards, Christy.

  11. I really hate FB and rarely respond to my friends on there. It is just there because people insisted. Friends of friends want to be my friend? This is just for status. I don't "poke" anyone or respond to a poke. One teen "friend" who really is a friend made some remarks that embarrass me for her since she seemed to indicate she was a lesbian. If she is and out, I have not heard. I would not care, but does she want the world to know right now. Maybe it was her way of easing "out," ???

  12. I keep in touch vaguely with some cycling friends who are all over the country.

    I find some of my 'friends' (one is the daughter of my ex husband) a little smug in her posts, telling everyone what a wonderful life she leads and then belittling her achievements in her hobbies, then waiting for all her friends to say how wonderful and what a superwoman she is.

    The others, I just watch and say nothing unless it seems worthy of a reply or if I see an interesting photo or something.

    I didn't know for instance that the Queen Elizabeth was at Liverpool yesterday! There is another one arriving next week, something to do with some celebrations in the city.


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